a few hours in london on sunday...what to do and see and eat?


on sunday we'll be heading into london to see "alls well that ends well" at the globe.
going to be a real treat indeed!
however, we arrive in london around 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning,
and the play won't start until 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening...

so, if i was interested in strolling around the city,
taking in the sights, finding a lovely cafe to eat in
and maybe a boutique or two to window-shop in
where should i go?


Kristina said...

I am sure you will love London and the Globe. I have been there years ago with school and really enjoyed it!
I haven't been to London in quite a while, but I love Camden Market (even if it became very touristy, oh and it is only open on the weekend), the Tate Modern, and for shopping the area around Covent Garden. :)
Have fun!!

Kate Kelleher said...

So much to see and do along that stretch of the River Thames! There is a pub next door to the Globe that my husband says is wonderful, it's called the swan. There is the Tate Modern (art gallery) always worth a look, their bookshop is amazing and they have really nice food too. If you go up to the galleries there is a great view of the other side of the Thames including St Pauls Cathedral. If you keep walking along that stretch there is the London Eye.
As for boutiques there is an area called 'Seven Dials' that has some really cool independent shops. Another really cool place to go is Spitalfields market, lots to see there and great for people watching. Also Colombia Road. Enjoy, I hope the sun is still shining for you x

Kat said...

While you do have a good few hours there, it's difficult to see different parts of London, as it's so spread out and takes a long time to get anywhere.

I'd suggest starting out with a crawl around Covent Garden -- the cobbled roads are very "British" and there are great little shops around there. Paul's Yard has some nice cafes in it; Bill's Produce would be a great place to have lunch.

From there, walk down to the Strand towards St Paul's Cathedral, and then hop along the Millennium Bridge (or one of the other bridges), and you'll wind up on the South Bank. The Tate Modern is worth a wander around (some parts are free, and the gift shop is fantastic) and there are lots of cafes -- albeit chains -- and pubs for an eat or drink. Normally I'd suggest going to Borough market for food -- it's extraordinarily busy, but so good -- but unfortunately it's closed on Sundays. The Globe is quite close though, but really it's just so nice to wander along the south bank. Enjoy!

janet clare said...

Regents street for Libertys and Anthropologie and then Carnaby Street (just round the corner)for lunch at Leon's.

go and see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace 11.30 am I think( )

Rhianne said...

I was about to write pretty much the same thing as Kat. Definitely visit Covent Garden, its one of my favourite places in London and I love wondering along the river and people watching :) Have a great time!

Ana Degenaar said...

This is seriously dreamy.

the wild magnolia said...

Not having traveled to this place, I shall wait and see where you choose.

Great trip.

A said...

Covent Garden flowers. Boat ride on the Thames.

vik said...

I would probably have a stroll around Highgate Cemetery, it's a magical place []
or check out Portobello Road for some vintage goodness
and Tate Modern is always a good idea too :)

Gailen Audie said...

so, did you see the tate modern?

Ann Marie said...

I haven't been to London yet...Sunday will be my first visit (I'll have a couple more days there throughout my stay in Oxford). I want to see museums and other sights, but am not looking forward to the crowds. sigh.