plain jane...


this book deserves my very favorite adjective : haunting.
from the moment jane was locked in the red room where she passed out from fear
to her first meetings with the mysterious, yet magically open with jane, mr. rochester,
i was intrigued with images of foggy mornings and evenings at thornfield hall
and near-death incidents brought on by an unknown/unseen member of the household.
as the seasons passed and jane battled her growing love for her master.
i loved her brain and her attempts to save her own heart and let reason rule...
but oh how i was relieved when both heart and mind won her over in the end.

i finished the final pages rejoicing in such a happy union {full of tension, of course}
and was happy to finally make my way to the theater for a matinee viewing of the
newest film version of this story.
was happy indeed with how it turned out...i thought it very haunting indeed.
as with all films adapted from novels, many details were left out, but i didn't mind at all.
i could fill in the blanks and it felt incredibly accurate.

the thoughts that are lingering in my mind and body after both book and movie are this:
i am in love with a plain jane, and have found a renewed love of my own plainness.
my obsession with england grows as i think more of the countryside and its moors...can't wait for summer.
conversation is my deepest desire...i want to talk and talk and talk with those i love most.
tension is what i crave...i love doubt and faith, courage and faint hearts, strong and weak.
i love a good ghost story {when i'm not alone or in the dark}.
i am more determined to someday have a little orchard and spend a night here and there in candlelight.
strangely i am trying to figure out why this book left me loving things that are harsh and rough...i have yet
to fully digest these feelings.

some favorite quotes i jotted down:

will be thinking of jane for months to come. thank you, nadia.


Pinecone Camp said...

What a beautiful post. Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books of all time.

the wild magnolia said...

Jane Eyre is a favorite of mine. We see the value of a true person.

Looks are so fleeting and fickle. Our world has a push on young women to be beautiful. A kind, loyal, giving, honest, intelligent woman is beautiful.

England draws me like bee to flower!

Very good post.

samantha ramage said...

i have never actually read this book. i was supposed to read it for an english class ages ago for summer reading and did not read it! i had to read the cliff notes in order to write my paper and that was a disaster!

i will have to try it some time, although i tend to stay away from those books which glorify anglophiles. let's be friends on goodreads!!!


Aline Correa said...

always so beautiful!

onesilentwinter said...

i love what you wrote in this post. How i fell in love with Jane. i too long for conversatin such as her and mr rochester.

Cobalt Violet said...

Oh ... I am craving something other than school reading ... I can't wait for summer reading.
Beautiful photos.

kat evans said...

In my possession is a 100+ year
old copy of this book and just
reading how deeply you were
moved makes me want to take it
back out into the sunlight and
delve into its fragile pages.
Beautiful post.