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spring is certainly in the past week has brought much change.
there were triumphs as i cleared my head and made bold decisions;
there were victories as sister #3 finished her half-ironman;
there were tears when we heard of tragedy that has left us all in shock...
all of this has made me think more deliberately and act more kindly
towards others and myself.

but most of all, i am getting rid of the "what if's" that seem to be
popping up in my head these past few days.
"what-if's" hold me back, and keep me afraid of living,
afraid of both the past and the future.

this morning i read a little paragraph from a book called
"the power of kindness", written by peiro ferrucci.
it's a go-to-book that i use constantly when i need
reminders of wisdom:

"to live in the future is to be in a place that
does not yet exist. the future can be seen as a positive,
but also a danger. it can weigh on us--be a time to which
we do not want to go. but we know we will get there anyway,
no matter how hard we put on the brakes. it can also be a time
full of things to do; just thinking about it can exhast us,
knowing we will never do them all. and this stress prevents
us from being fullin in the one moment in which we really could do
something: the present.

"luckily, in real life we can find the present again and again.
this is a simple recipe available to everybody: do what you are doing...
if i am doing what i am doing, without fantasies of approaching dangers,
without my mind displaced, i am centered. i am here one hundred percent.
if so, then in that moment i am afraid of nothing, and need nothing.
thus i find fullness."

hope you found comfort and motivation in these words as i did.

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amy said...

I like Pierro Ferucci, too. This is a good reminder for a woman 40 weeks pregnant. Mindfulness never fails to be the answer. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley Sisk said...

Absolutely - great motivation.

A Little Happier said...

What a nice picture and an energizing message! Thanks to you

LauraP said...

Oh the what-ifs!!! Thank you for the comfort and motivation.

LauraP said...

Oh the what-ifs!! Thanks for the comfort and motivation.

Anonymous said...

where is it that you live that you think spring is definitely here????omg!

Julie said...

so so good. thanks for these words-they bring so much clarity.

Inge said...

That is so true and good, but so hard as well. Still reminding myself of this every day, hoping to one day just do it. Great quote!