"i and this mystery here we stand"


i've been thinking about how lucky i am
to live.

i've been thinking about
how hard it is to let go at first,
but how quickly i give in.

i've been thinking about stories
all over the world that have been
told over and over and over again.

i've been thinking about
things that make me want to weep
for mothers who bear heavy burdens.

i've been thinking about traveling to cold
places to find the earth moving in a way i've never known.

i've been thinking about the violin
and how it weeps and moves the earth to meet its depths.

i've been thinking about how to trim my list
of wants.

i've been thinking about books i'll never
know even exist
and the pages i'll never read.

i've been thinking of singing this song about gardens that revive the dead
and then going to croatia to sing this song that's been sung for generations.

i've been thinking about giving up worrying
and giving in to peace.

{photos by cj and me}


Unknown said...

Those last two lines might have just rearranged my heart. Thank you.

Jaime said...

Hello there...

You visited me way back in September, and I am so sorry it has taken me so long to find you, but I am so glad I did today.
Your space here is so so beautiful...and deeply peaceful, to my eyes, to my heart and my soul. I think I will wander around a little.....

Erin said...

this is beautiful and inspiring. thank you.

Caitlin said...

I second the motion to go to Croatia. I have been dying to go since I was a baby, my family is Croatian. Have you ever been to the festival here in sacramento in June? Such great food.

Tonia said...

I agree about the last two lines: something has just shifted and settled in my own heart.

Mei-li said...

i like the colors of your hat your boots and your backpac with the shades of autumn

christina said...

the part where you speak about mothers...
you filled me, with your words.

Depsi said...

As I read your thoughts, words, I also think that I'm glad you're alive. Your pictures, your heart, they speak to my Heart. Today of all days, I needed you and you are here.....Thank You