...on the trail again...


cj and i are headed up redwood national park.
i can hardly contain my giddiness.
not only will we be amongst some trees of all trees,
but it's supposed to be cool and foggy.
my kind of trip.
and we're car camping this time,
which means a menu filled with the likes of
buckwheat pancakes, pomodoro pasta, herbed chevre & cucumber sandwiches, and quinoa salad.

but, i'm a little nervous about this trip.
let me explain:
last week, after our trip to fremont lake,
i decided to give myself a little project/challenge:
to take only FILM photographs for the next year.
the next YEAR.
it's one of my attempts to slow down and be deliberate.
which means, posts of recent events might not happen as "recent" as i hope
{as i try to get back into the habit of developing film and scanning it}.
but, never fear. i will try to keep posting just as regularly.
i still have some purely digital images lined up for the next little while
to keep you all stopping by from time to time.
and, if we're all lucky, ceej will get my back this trip
and take as many digital images as i usually do.

happy weekend!


nadia said...

are you doing trail side camping on horse back?
it all sounds wonderful. i miss film i tak a few rolls here and their. right now i am tryong to convert all my negatives to digital!

have a great time!

Ann Marie said...

no horseback for us this time. this photo is from our last camping trip...a string of horses going up to a high cabin, carrying supplies for a new roof.


KeLLy aNN said...

OH! Kudos to You for slowing down and getting back into the pleasure of hands on art!

Havilah Savage said...

have a fun trip! and good luck with the photo project- sounds like a challenge!

Heather said...

I've been lurking on your blog for months, and only just realized I'd never stopped to say hello. I love both your photos and your words, and appreciate the time you put into sharing them with us.

Punctuation Mark said...

enjoy your time in the woods and have a great weekend overall!!!

Relyn Lawson said...

I found my way to you via Char and I just had to tell you how beautiful your blog is.