a summer favorite: homemade tacos


ceej and i make and eat these things every other night. they're soooooo fresh and delicious. here's a quick how-to:
tortillas: corn flour (must be "masa" NOT any ol' american corn just won't work) + water...mix the flour and water...add enough water so that the dough is the same consistancy as play-dough. then you've got to get a tortilla press--they're pretty cheap and totally worth the investment. cook them on a HOT griddle or frying pan
pico: tomatoes (the fresher the better!), green onions (i cook mine up a bit in a little olive oil in a frying pan), cilantro, salt
rice: i sprinkle a little cumin in the rice and mix some ghee in too
beans: i cook black beans slowly in a little crockpot all afternoon when i know i'm going to make this for dinner
other yummy things to add: avocado, lime, sauted mushrooms, etc.

we once figured out how much this meal costs us: a whopping $3.50, total.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Chris loves tacos and would eat them every night if I agreed. So yummy and so affordable!

Dee said...

woah hello gorgeous tacos!!! i think i will make this tonight w our garden veggies. we even have a tortilla press but haven't tried corn yet. will do! excited!! :)

Caroline said...

Oh one of my favorite meals!! I grew up with my Abuelita's authentic cooking ... fresh corn tortillas, homemade salsas, and fresh fresh food. I love this post!

Cassie said...

mmmm. can I come over for supper? ;)

stephanie said...

These look so tasty! I really should try to make tortillas at home.

Tree Peeps said...

Yum! Good idea.
I have been thinking about making tortillas, but I haven't yet. Maybe I will now!

LMT said...

nice work! looks delicious. I went to the farmer's market and got all of the ingredients to make a beautiful salsa like yours. Thanks for inspiring, as always.

Veronica said...

Some one just gave me a press, now I have a recipe to use with it, thanks.