fremont lake


we had a short labor day weekend, but a lovely one for sure.

friday night we drove 3.5 hours to our trailhead, and spent the night in the back of our was a sleepless night. turns out the car isn't as comfortable as it used to be.

we were anxious for morning to come, and, after breakfast, started on our 7.5 miles to the lake {we initially thought the trail would be a mere 5...until we ran into the ranger who told us otherwise}. i moseyed, thinking our journey was shorter, making our hike in much longer than necessary. but we made it. and we were happy indeed to get to fremont lake.

first thing: we pumped more clean water to drink. next, cj went for a swim, and i dipped my toes. then we settled in on a nice flat rock overlooking the lake and cj read from a sand county almanac aloud to me.

our starving bellies and worn bodies summoned us for dinner: pesto pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes. perfetto.
dessert was even better: gourmet smores. the chocolate and the 'mallow were from ginger elizabeth's. my chocolate was the "vanilla bean toffee almond" dessert bar. mmmmmm! totally worth packing in.

we watched the sun say goodnight as i read keats aloud. and then we moseyed into our tent where i continued reading aloud to ceej, about trees.

the night was warm--a pleasant surprise, and we could see the stars from within our tent. i had yet another sleepless night as my mind was racing with too many ideas. but it was a pretty night so that was ok.
morning came, and we tried to say goodbye to the lake--like ripping off a bandaid--trying to leave quick before we wanted to stay forever {and i wanted to beat the afternoon heat that immediately zaps all of my energy}
we were much faster on our way out, shaving two hours from our time the previous day. needless, to say, we were beat.

but we're ready for another weekend spent in a tent!


Paige said...

So pretty. It looks very similar to where I took my first backpacking trip when I was 12 :)

nadia said...

OH anne marie i felt like i was write there with you! the feeling of thinking the trail was shorter, the car that used me good enough. looking at you cj gear is as if you borrowed ours! I am always faster on the way back specially if it is descending hike- k. prefers going up!

glad that you are joining the swap will send info soon!

Char said...

oh to sit and read poetry by the lakeside - beautiful

Anonymous said...

Very lovely.
I love your photos.


Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Oh my, this is just so beautiful. Makes me long for the mountains;) Can't wait to see you again, Ann!

Tonia said...

It looks like such a wonderful trip: wish I had something like that planned!

LMT said...

Your photos are perfectly and simply exactly what I love about the outdoors, evening, mountains, water, camping, and all wonderful things out doors. I can just smell the clean clear air. NYC has nothing on these mountains.