so, we ate our way through the city. and i am happy.


ceej came to see me for six days. absolute bliss. we truly ate our way around town. we started our journey at early girl eatery for breakfast. asheville loves breakfast. so we went out in the morning as much as we could. early girl eatery is amazing. really. truly. those pancakes with fresh berries and maple syrup were heaven. we were so stuffed that day we skipped lunch. that night we sat out on the patio and enjoyed some truly delicious pizza at mellow mushroom. i wasn't disappointed. the next day we had dinner can taste the ghee in their naan. oh my. it was heaven. this is the same night we discovered the french broad chocolate lounge. words can't explain our sheer excitement and enjoyment. chocolate treats that you've always dreamed of. our next food outing was for breakfast at tupelo honey cafe. best biscuits and milk gravy of all time. i've got to find a recipe for milk gravy. that night we went to laughing seed where i consumed the best mushroom enchiladas of all time. too many superlatives yet? well, i'm not exaggerating!! this place knows food. our last meal together was lunch on tuesday at doc chey's. noodle heaven. confession: we went back to the french broad two more times. mmmmmm!
it was oh so good to have cj here. we both had a wonderful "vacation" together. i needed that so very much. let's just say there were tears when goodbye came. can't wait to see him again!
(and eat our hearts out!)


cake and cider said...

omg. your breakfast. even their glasses are cute. if possible, i would live off of bread and chocolate. lol.

also, you remind me of Natalie Dormer aka Tudors' Anne Boleyn.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. I love food, and these look yummy!
Have a great weekend.


kelly ann said...

mmmmmm! this all sounds delicious and dreamy and wonderful!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Amazing! What awesome memories! after being away from the hubs for two weeks I'm finally going to see him tomorrow and I am way excited. Those pancakes look delicious.

Tonia said...

That's become my new place to bug the husband to visit: what a great variety of places to eat! And the chocolate lounge? Oh dear, it may just be heaven!

thais said...

oh wow! it sounds like you guys had six days of love and tummy fun!

Caroline said...

Oh my favorite city!!! And those drinks at french broad I wrote about that divine little place about a year ago ... swoon!! I am so excited someone else knows how wonderful that place is!! Love your photos! xo

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are both are looking so happy and struggling for your love!
I love your blog!

Elise / Pennyweight said...

yummm!! why is it that i always plan trips around food? :)