if you build a house this huge-mongous, you have to open it to the public to pay the mortgage


when ceej came to visit {almost two weeks ago! time flies!} we went to visit the vanderbilt's summer "cottage," biltmore, just south of downtown asheville. this place is huge. it's big. it's vast. the house itself is overwhelming. it certainly is grand, and no detail is left out. leather wallpaper, a pipe organ in the banquet hall {my personal favorite}, an atrium, servants' quarters, a library with its own librarian. amazing. but quite lonely in its hugeness. and a little disturbing. the pool in the basement is definitely haunted. i did quite enjoy the halloween room in the basement...really, used for halloween parties only.
coming up: photos of the gardens.


rex5 said...

The pictures you have posted in your blog are really great. Thanks and please don't stop shooting since I bookmarked your page. Peace

Tiffany Kadani said...

Amazing! I love all the photos and you are too cute. Can I please live there? I'm sure the owners would never notice.

Teresa said...

Ann Marie!
You really know how to capture the beauty of things!
I adore the Blue Ridge Mts.
But I've never been to the Biltmore!
Guess that because I'm always UP in the Mts! ;o)
I know it's lovely!
Did you go up to The Grove Park Inn!
That's my favorite place to stay in Ashville.

heather said...

Love the gargoyles! Oh, + leather wallpaper *and* a pipe organ, oh my! Sounds like a great vacay in your new digs!

cake and cider said...

POOL IN THE BASEMENT??? I bet it is the spookiest ever.

And you know you've made it when you've got an atrium. And I thought an in-home library with a tall rolling ladder was swanky, i didn't realize you needed a staff member to make it legit.

Can't wait to see the gardens.

Julie said...

A halloween room?! That pleases me beyond belief, and would also explain the haunted pool I think.

Tonia said...

What a great place! Everyone should have a room just for halloween. And leather wallpaper. Um, perhaps not with that last!

Kara said...

this is really cool - and i love hearing about places that are haunted! i was thinking about going here this winter for vacation to check out the mansion & some of the wineries... then i see that you've posted about it! xo

Cassie said...

Ooooh, a halloween room! How grand!

Kate said...

If I ever have a house, it will now have a Halloween room... over dining room, living room or even a kitchen.

That is the best home idea I've ever heard!

thais said...

how amazing!!! you go to the most 'movie like' places ever ;) and you're just way too adorable. have a good weekend!