the carter family fold : basically my dream come true...


last weekend i made the wisest decision
to join a few of my classmates
through tennessee over into virginia
to experience the carter family fold.
this musical family collected and shared
old time country music that forever
changed the course of music all began in 1927.

let's just say that as soon as i walked in the door
any bit of tired, studied-out, book-worn part of me
immediately perked up,
and i was giddy at what i was to behold...

people from all over the region began to trickle in
for their weekly attendance...
to dance the night away
to the best music i've ever heard.

everyone puts on their best dress,
and their dancing shoes...which have TAPS!
yes, you heard me.
EVERYONE has taps {except for us city slickers}.
this is a night of flat dancing that will make you wish
your feet could move so fast and all night long.
{click here to see june carter cash flat dancing, without her tap shoes unfortunately}


this band was fantastic...of course they can play any of these instruments, and are constantly switching around. and this amazing singer was in true june carter fashion...amazing!

here is everyone dancing...and they do it all night long...some even do it with canes when needed.

to get a little taste of the night for yourself click here. you really want to see this.

{there's some dancing in the video clip around the 40-second mark}

i've got plans to start our own fold out west.
and i'm definitely investing in some tap shoes.
{by the way, ceej is on a plane and two hours away...we haven't seen each other in 3 weeks! i can hardly wait to spend a few days with him!}


L said...

This sounds like such fun! How lucky for you to be able to go! I love country music... and would love to be able to find somewhere in Sacramento to go square dancing. :)

Have such a good time with CJ!

and p.s., I just happen to know of a local shoe shop that will put taps on for you. let me know when you're ready for the info.

Blair said...

That looks SO FUN. Can I come? :)

Char said...

that looks like so much fun! and I love anything carter/cash related.

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love this! Nothing is better than seeing the true colors of an awesome town like that.

ilwen said...

This looks like so much fun. Now this is REAL music :)

thais said...

OMG! how special is that? and how happy these people are... just dancing away ;) would love to experience that!

Tonia said...

What a great night, and I loved the clip of June Carter Cash: the pride and adoration in Johnny's face was very moving.
Enjoy your weekend!

Meghan said...

That looks so amazing. I love the folks in best dress, canes and all dancing! You need tap shoes!

Linds said...

I think that is amazing. Not too often do people or places really stick to traditions...and those old folks...AMAZING!!!!! so cool.

Sabriel said...

sounds like the most wonderful, happy kind of night!

Sara said...

Wow, it looks like you had a lot of fun :) I love the idea of a fold, and I am excited to hear more about yours!

heather said...

Starting your own fold is a great idea! :) Love these shots and the reality/appreciation in them all!

Havilah Savage said...

that looks like a blast! your photos are amazing, i can almost hear the music. :)

sarah sample said...

you don't know HOW BADLY i want to go to this with you. loved talking yesterday . so proud of you.

stephanie said...

That looks AMAZING. Thanks for the link to the video of June Carter Cash; that was great to watch.