this was the kind of present that makes you giddy just thinking about giving it...


saturday we spent our day in the city.
after my morning workshop,
we walked around the park a bit.
i just couldn't wait any longer to give ceej
his valentine.
so i made him sit on this bench,
and wait for me to get the camera ready.
oh, this was such a fun present to give!

initially ceej was excited to see an antique book
because he collects them
{as do i}.
yes, this was going to be sheer joy seeing his face!

but then, a moment of confusion.
i see this look on cj's face
and it is no longer an expression of joy.
"what is this?!" his face is saying.
so i urge him to avoid looking at the spine of the book for clues,
and to quickly open up the book.

he opened the book,
and the joy came back...phew!
it was so fun seeing him read through its first pages.

i wanted to give ceej something that i made,
and something that would continue giving.
since i don't know how to make books yet,
i went to a thrift store and bought this cheap little book
and drew my own photos to go along with my little notes
{obviously, i am not an artist of the drawing/painting sort...that is cj's realm}

each day i will add another pair of pages to his book until it is filled completely.
i think he liked it.
what do you think?


Catherine Anne said...

This is great! I truly love it!!!

Brittan said...

Aww, that is so cute! what a wonderful idea! and I love how you made him wait for you to get out your camera... everything is better with pictures (I always forget to take them)...

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

this is adorable..what a GREAT idea....and something he can have forever..

love it !


VanessasRunway said...

Awe, such a cute idea! How lovely! :)

bigBANG studio said...

THAT is the best present in the history of valenthymes.

Ceej is a talented artist and saver of the earth, and he is also very, very lucky that he has YOU.

YOU, who brings so much light and joy into our lives as well. xo.

kelly ann said...

oh my gosh, how wonderful!!
this is SO sweet and special!
what a fantastic idea, i love it.
i love homemade gifts like this, it's much more personal.

Cassie said...

what a great idea!

L said...

beautiful! well done!

Courtney said...

quite possibly the cutest Valentine's idea ever! I love it!

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Great idea - so original. It will be a nice surprise every day for him to see what you have added.

Sara said...

aww!! how sweet! That ws a great idea :)

Linz said...

that is one of the BEST gift ideas ever. EVER. i love it. your handwriting is awesome, by the way. i tried to do something similar, but with cute flash cards on a ring. however, i didn't upkeep it. you've inspired me to go back to it!

S. Etole said...

what a delightful, heart-felt gift ... like your penmanship, too

Havilah Savage said...

that is so very sweet! what a wonderful gift.

beth said...

what a great book, great idea and YOU are an artist !
your drawings and lettering are beautiful !!!

Natalie said...

What an awesome gift Ann! So considerate and sweet. I love the photos too. I love seeing true emotion in photos!

Ann Marie said...

thank you! thank you! i'm so glad you all like it so much. and just so you know, i've been adding to it every day. it's a fun way to end my day.