manifesto monday: confidence


i'm obsessed with confidence. not because i have it. but because i am in awe of those that somehow possess it so, well, confidently. i stare at people, and watch the way they move, the way they speak, the way they laugh, the way they concentrate, the way they cry, and the way they try again and again. what makes confident people so sure that they have something so good to offer the world? it's an amazing gift that i too want to hold in the center of my soul.

as i've watched people i have seen the difference between confidence and arrogance. there is a humility that accompanies the truly sure and optimistic heart. humility. something that is too often labeled a weakness. not in my book of life. i have seen that arrogance and confidence should not be mistaken for one another. arrogance leaves someone believing they have the final answer. their way is the only way. there is no room for learning more, whereas confident people are willing to make a 180-degree turn in their lives. confident people are careful people. they are deliberate people. they are hopeful people. they are determined people. they are kind people. they not only have confidence in themselves, but they believe in the ability and goodness of others. they are sure that they will accomplish what they've set out to do...they might not get it on the first or second try, but eventually with hard work and good will to others they will succeed...and bring everyone along with them. confident people share success because they know they are not alone.

it is my hope to rid myself of fear and doubt, and cultivate a true confidence that will allow me to succeed and bring everyone along with me. it will be a step by step, day by day process, and it will be worth it. this i believe.

{please feel free to add to my understanding of what it means to be confident. tell me about confident people you admire. tell me why you have confidence in yourself and in others. please, please share!}


Sabriel said...

i believe confidence is love for oneself. You know that there is something inside you that has never been seen before. I also search for that light and strength inside of myself. Thank you for this beautiful post.

Gailen Audie said...

"deliberate" when used to describe confident people. I like this word choice. Confident in the ability to make a good decision.

Hmmmm....Confidence is the opposite of fear. And arrogance is an over-compensation when overcome with fear. I am constantly afraid, so I have to revisit "confidence" as well, and remember that fear is false evidence appearing real. And "we have nothing to fear but fear itself". I mean, really.

Also, to be noted, arrogant and fearful people are not fun to be around. Usually, you can trust your gut on this one, right? And then, I always ask myself: Is it worth it - to be like they are to have what they have? And the answer is no. Then, I see people who are just as successful AND happy AND have lots of friends...and I am inspired. In my gut.

The people who give honestly (not just so others will like them), limit their judgmental nature (whether towards others or themselves), and take care of themselves so they are better able to look out for the people they love: This represents confidence to me,and manifests itself in all the wonderful ways you mention.

For me, I've been going out of my comfort zone a little with jobs, etc. As a result, I'm trying to make this mental shift (heart shift) towards confidence. I can't afford to stress out over things I THINK I can't do.

Confident people are aware their potential - as is everyone's - is limitless.

Thanks for the post, as always! :)

zlb said...

'let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly, then shall thy confidence wax strong in the lord'. i believe that confidence is a result of good living, virtuous living. trusting, hoping, and being obedient to god. it is humble, it is faithful, it is strong.

holly jo said...

ANN! I love this post. Thanks for reminding me what is important today. careful, deliberate, hopeful. believing in other people. loving other people. that is confidence to me. California sure is lucky. loves.

Anonymous said...

Ann, I love your blog which I this is one-of-a-kind-blog. HONESTLY, I like the way you are writing, your poems, your stories and thoughts, and especially the manifestos of mondays.
You should do feel confidence by the fact that through your blog you have the possibility to "change the world", to influnce all of your readers and make us think and inspire!
.. and remember the beautiful thinks are coming from beautiful people as you are.