more of our sunny spring day in the city...


{photo by cj, all others by me, unless i am in the which case ceej obviously took it}

ceej and i had a wonderful time in the city on saturday.

i started out with another session for my workshop, which was great and very informative.

once i was finished with that, we walked and walked and walked everywhere...mainly with food in mind.

did i mention the hills in this city?

well, we basically worked for our yummy food for the day.

first stop: the best bakery in the world.

lucky for us, this was a bit of a mistake.

we intended to go to this bakery's sister cafe down the block,

but wandered in here...

oh my! so glad we did.

i saw all the yummy goodness and couldn't stop my heart from pounding with excitement.

decisions, decisions.

we got a little bit of just about everything.

it was a holiday, right?

by the way, headaches could be caused by corn syrup,

but sugar definitely does not cause headaches.

phew. that was close.

after we stocked up at the bakery, we headed over to the cafe

for a lunch to remember.

pretty sure i'll be back to this place.

best portabello muschroom burger ever!

so much flavor. mmmmmm.

i think ceej really enjoyed the food too...perhaps even more than i did.

we walked through some pretty fancy neighborhoods.

beautiful really.

we thought we'd make our grand exit

via the golden gate bridge at sunset...

along with every other person on the planet!

come back tomorrow

and i'll show you what ceej gave me

for a valentine:

the prettiest thing i now own!

{by the way, my internet is not working for some reason...hence my absence

yesterday. hoping the problem is remedied by tomorrow. if i'm not here, please come visit on friday when i am sure to be back in action}


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

...did i miss it? did you name the bakery..was it Tartine?

i'm anxious to know...

can't wait to see your valentine too


Katie said...

LOVE your dress! Is it from anthropologie?

Char said...

beautiful adventures

Katherine said...

First of all, your dress is adorable. Secondly, I want to move to San Francisco (or just a visit anywhere near the vicinity would be fine).

bigBANG studio said...

you are the CUTEST, and ceej is the DARLINGEST. i think he and my sweetpete would be besties. you know, we are very, very lucky girls.

also, WHERE did you find that dress?! the one in the last pic? oh please tell me i can find one too!

Sunray Pena said...

Hello there, I found your blog through Nicole's. I'm in her class too but the 7:40 one. Just wanted to drop by to let you know that I love your Le Mes wallpaper pictures. They're lovely. :)
- Sunray

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Thanks for the San Fran trip...Haven't been in many years and it brought back great memories...Looks like you both left your hearts (and stomachs!) there!

Mandarine D'Italie said...

looks like you two had a fabulous time in the city!!!beautifully documented here, i really enjoyed it .... and can't wait for more update. ciao

Ann Marie said...

the bakery: la boulange {and i am prone to's not THE best in the world, but was very time we will try Tartine because I have had their cookbook for years, and it's about time I try it out straight from the source}

the dress: yes, from anthropologie. a christmas gift to me that i was oh so happy to receive...i wore it for the first time just this last weekend...been saving it for a special occasion.

Kailee Higgins said...

those houses are amazing...i'd love to visit SF one day.
p.s love the dress too

donna said...

What a lovely young couple -- Ann Marie and Ceej. I enjoyed the blog walk with you through the fancy neighborhoods. And you know how to have fun with food and enjoy it, I like that.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog, love your photos... and haven't been to SanFran in many years, one of my favorite cities..

Kelly Hannah K said...

I adore your dress. I've been having dreams of it lately because it's at the very tip top of my wishlist!!
[and I adore your blog :)]

Melina said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! You are so gorgeous! Want to trade lives :)?