are you ready for the prettiest gift ever given? well, here it is:


for my valentine ceej took me to this
most beautiful little store
and let me bring home a few little things
that made my heart flutter its wings.

they have a basketful of wonderful antique letters.
this, my lovelies, is what i speak of
when i tell you of the prettiest thing i have ever owned.
this letter.
so simple. the handwriting so perfect. so small.
i keep thinking i need to go back and buy up all the antique letters
so i can lie in the grass and study their every marking
to pass by my afternoons...

but, i think i will be happy with just one.
for now, at least.

aren't you just swooning over this handwriting?
it melts my heart,
and has inspired me even more to finally
sign up for a calligraphy class.

i also bought this little book of the kiss.
it's really charming in its out-of-date wisdom.
makes me laugh.
but i have to admit that some of its advice
is timeless and just so lovely.

i also purchased some mini envelopes,
which i'm sure you'll be seeing here again,
and a burlap bag to keep my little treasures in.

don't you think it's the prettiest thing you've ever seen?
thank you, ceej!

{p.s. i accidentally deleted some of your comments on previous posts...
so sorry! if you see that your comment never showed up,
please leave me another one.
i promise to be a better comment moderator!}


Punctuation Mark said...

love all your photos! congrats... great gift too... have an great weekend!

Unknown said...

what a perfect gift.

i love the idea of a calligraphy class. i learned how to do it when I was younger but i've forgotten now.
would love to learn again.

you have a very lovely life :)

Aline Correa said...

how lovely! I would stare at the writing for hours.. lying in the grass in the sun :)

~Kristina said...

That letter looks beautiful. I can only imagine the hand that penned it while the heart swelled with love.

Elsa May said...

Oh . My . Oh . My . that has to be the most beautiful thing i've seen!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

wadda guy!

CiCi said...

Great treasures you found! The writing does make you want to learn calligraphy.

Bernie said...

I thought I would pop in and say hello after your visit and I am so happy I have.....I have so enjoyed your blog.
I love these vintage treasures you have shared with us....the first thing I noticed was the hand writing, so very beautiful.
.......:-) Hugs

Cam said...


And, your space here is so serene & beautiful! I have no idea how your path crossed with Journey Wildly, but I am so thankful it did!

Blessings to you!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the compliments on my blog. I've been enjoying perusing yours and it's lovely! And I really am swooning over that letter. I'm quite jealous. Stop by my blog again soon! :)

donna said...

Oh, the handwriting is so special and I'm quite sure a Bic pen wasn't used to write the letter. It's so sad that there is no emphasis on penmenship in schools these days.


nadia said...

your a kindred spirit for sure! so lovely and romantic !

She Who Carries Camera said...

thanks for stopping by and saying "hi" over at my place. I love what you have here! And you apparently have a great guy. (So thoughtful for taking you somewhere he knew you would enjoy!) I'll be back! :-)

beth said...

vintage anything calls to me....even when I'm sleeping

Jeanie said...


Your blog is simply beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping to visit mine -- it sent me here! This post, to die for!

C'est La Vie said...

absolutely love love these! just gorgeous, i bought myself a calligraphy kit but I haven't even opened it yet!

Courtney said...

my mom and I have tried to Bellochio a few times, but every time it's been closed!

Catherine Anne said...

Love what you are doing with old books. I think its great~

Chickything said...

Such a pretty blog you got here!

Charlotte and Matt said...

i found your blog via my sister Julia's. may i just say... what eye candy! your blog is so beautiful. i've always wanted to take photography classes but never have. you inspire me.