i went to the city a second time, and just as the sun went down i arrived.


again i came to the city,
this time more familiar with how to get around.
i brought along my own dinner:
fresh sanguinello juice, pb&j sandwich, jar of almonds.
and i went for an idle walk.

if i would have arrived maybe thirty minutes earlier
the buildings would have been aflame with sunset.
perhaps next time i'll leave a few minutes earlier...
or maybe i should leave much much earlier:
i wanted to stop at so many places along my drive
to take pictures of the country landscape with a sky
that made me weep.
{yes, i'm a sap!}

aren't these homes/apartments so cozy and colorful?
definitely habitable.
don't you think?

oh, how i look my part in this city:
here from another place.
wandering listlessly.

while many of you are in the depths of winter,
spring has surprised me here.
i am in shock of a landscape that never knows
the darkness and brilliance of snow.

it is fun to pretend here.
pretend that you have a busy career,
and stop by your favorite cafe on your way home
every night,
take-out your usual dinner,
and eat with your loved one as you gaze out
your tiny apartment's window
out on a city full of people doing something very similar.

just fun to pretend.
then i think of the cost of living here.
and i'm happy to simply imagine it.

i wouldn't mind having a little shop around the corner.
that would make me very happy indeed.


L said...

I love San Francisco. I miss not being a tourist there. Well, for that matter, I miss city life, period.

When I go to the city, I usually park in one of the BART park-and-rides and take the train in. I don't know my way around by car, so driving there stresses me out. And taking public transit just makes me feel more a part of the city experience.

bigBANG studio said...

my sis lives in san francisco and i am DYING to visit her tout de suite- i didn't realize spring there was so far along already! just gorgeous photo montage, lady. xo.

Olivia said...

I've only ever driven through SF, but your pictures are so lovely.

I miss California.

Katherine said...

There is spring somewhere with watery blue skies and sunwashed homes and blossoms? Oh the blossoms! You make me catch my breath.

Mandarine D'Italie said...

Beautiful images, i love the light absolutely a city San Francisco looks absolutely lovely - the views are totally different to what we are used over here in London... but yes city life sometimes is all about pretending, being part of the's all a rush to the unknown... but like you I would love to have a little shop in the city, that's my dream - no more pretending, please...

Cali of PassionBird said...

These photos are beautiful & so clear! I love all the different colors on the houses too. San Fran is on my list of places to go very soon. I love when people posts photos of their trips, cus I get to see the city through their eyes.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

wow..what beautiful photos...

I live about 3 hours south of San Francisco and LOVE LOVE LOVE it there...

oh, how i wish i could live there too...

thanks for taking me along..

more later, my friend

kelly ann said...

these photos are absolutely stunning! almost magical... i could totally see myself living somewhere like san francisco. it's just so amazing!

Marie said...

It's so weird to see that the trees are budding! It's like Pennsylvania is on a different planet compared
SF, as we slowly dig ourselves out from under 3 feet of snow! love the pictures Ann!

whit said...

Love the pictures ms talented..SF is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Follett said...

Beautiful photos! Makes me miss SF!

Brittan said...

Beautiful post! I love the photos!!! its making me really miss the green and warm weather!

Helen said...

i love these photos, i really want to visit sf one day

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!! thanks for sharing! xo

Chickything said...

I love San Francisco. It's one of my favorite cities!

Netti said...

I absolutely adore the pictures in this post. They make me so happy. I hope I'll visit San Francisco sometime in my life, these pictures made it a new dream!