last night i came quite close to burning
the whole building down.
well, not really, but our apartment
was filled with smoke. thick.
i left the stove on when i went to do an errand.
bad idea.
i quickly put the smoking pot out,
and opened all of the windows,
then ran off to a meeting i had to attend.
while gone,
ceej cleaned up as best he could
{which is usually better than i could have done}
and surprised me with two of my favorite treats:
black & white cookies. yes, two of them!
one for "tonight" and one for "saturday."
he tied a bow around them,
and attached the most heart-melting note ever.
he did that for me,
when it was me who did the thoughtless thing.
how's that for love?

as we speak i am freezing.
the doors and windows open as i try to
air out our apartment...
this could take months.
any ideas on how to get rid of this aweful
smokey smell?

{p.s. these are the only valentine's day decorations at my house.}
{p.p.s. candy give me headaches. but baked goods don't}
{p.p.p.s. i really ought to investigate alternative goodies that don't involve sugar}


Cassie said...

What a sweet Valentine you have! Isn't love grand?

Sorry, I know no tricks for getting rid of smoke smells. Except air and time.

L said...

I've read that certain types of houseplants can help remove smells from indoor air. Do you have central air? If so, running the fan (no heat or a/c) might help, especially if you have a HEPA-rated air filter installed. (You didn't think I was going to get so technical did you? Turns out I know a thing or two about dirty air.) Or, if you can stand to be gone for a couple of hours, leaving all the windows open and some fans going would probably help a lot!

Do you remember the other day when my face registered surprise that you and CJ had been married for six years? It wasn't at all because you don't have kids... it was because your affection for each other is so sweet, so obvious, so unabashed, that I assumed you were fairly newlyweds. Your example is quite inspiring!

Brittan said...

what a sweet love... Sugar can give me headaches and make me cranky, and sometimes it makes me sneeze! I think that I should look for alternative treats as well! ha ha ha!

Char said...

what a sweetie to bring you cookies - hope the smell goes away soon!

kelly ann said...

candy gives me a headache, too! i don't eat much of it, though... i much prefer baked goods. :) but still... it's so weird!

Unknown said...

What a sweet guy :] Everyone makes mistakes, so don't beat yourself up. I wish I knew of a secret to get rid of the smoke smell. I'm sure a few days of airing out will help volumes. Happy Valentine's Day XO

Kris10 said...

I made some really yummy cupcakes today, that were both vegan and sugar-free! sounds gross, i know, but you wouldn't believe they were either if you tried em. The recipe came from here.
Anyway, Happy Valentines Day!

beth said...

oh your poor apartment....

you can try placing those charcoal brickettes {sp?} you use for a charcoal grill, around the apartment...

I know that when a smokey smelling car is brought into a dealership, they put those on the floor mats and let them sit for days...somehow they absorb the dad owned a dealership and I remember him telling me this...

the best of luck and YUM..... those cookies from your sweetie sound so good !