on mushrooms, textbooks, and hearts


i have a friend of a friend
whom i wish was more than a friend of a friend.
she has an obsession:
i've been wanting to give her a call
and tell her to come over straight away
to tell me everything she loves about fungi.
i want to hear it from her heart
more than i want to read it in a textbook.
i'm positive i would have been a scientist
if my teachers would have had more heart.
here is a little something my friend of a friend
wrote about fungi:

"the fungi have many beneficial antibacterial properties we
humans would be smart to learn about and implement.
fungi can be used in water filtration, soil rehabilitation,
to clean up oil spills, to speed decomposition of concentrated
farm animal waste, and to improve human health. mushrooms
such as reishi, maitake, enokitake, lion's mane, and shiitake have
proven anticancer and antiviral properties. mushroom
cultivation is simple, inexpensive, and a responsible
approach to living peacefully on this earth with
all the things on this earth."

oh, amazing fungi!
for now, a textbook will have to suffice
until i can befriend my friend of a friend,
who, legend has it, had mushrooms on her
wedding cake!


Nicole said...

Ooh, will you share your knowledge, when it comes? I have been wanting to grow mushrooms, but I am a little wary, what if I grow the wrong kind and poison my family.

beth said...

I think I would want to be friends with her, too.

Brittan said...

Hello there lovely, I just followed your blog from a comment on my blog, and let me tell you, I love it!!! I especially love this post and the comment of your friend about the importance of fungi in life... I am an herbalist and fungi are such a wonderful medicine (I am actually taking a maitake extract that I made this fall from fresh maitake my friend harvested)... and she wrote it so poetically! thanks for this wonderful post and a beautiful blog!!!

Hila said...

I adore it when people are this passionate :)

Andrea said...

I covet friends of friends too... :)
Your photos are lovely! Ethereal. Beautiful.
Thank you dropping in. I am so happy you watched the TED video! It meant a lot to me too.

Kate said...

I was at that wedding... and let me tell you it was Mushroom-tastic and glorious.

Much like a classy mushroom-themed fairy tale.

Tree Peeps said...

Oh, I get's ME!

Thanks for the sweet note and thanks for promoting the fungal kingdom. I would love to come over and tell you all about fungi!
Where do you live...?

From the looks of your blog and interests we should be best friends :)

Wedding cake photos here:
and here: