manifesto monday: heaven, horses, & hogwarts


one of the first memories i have is about what i used to think heaven was like: heaven was a beautiful mountain meadow filled with beautiful white horses for me to ride (as i wore an elegant gown, and my waist-long hair braided in a crown around my head). i still think heaven is probably like this. at least, i hope it is.

about two months ago i confidently and quite nonchalantly told one of my older sisters that i intend to open up a hogwarts school of my own someday. i was serious. dead. but she laughed because a school of magic is certainly absurd. but that's not truly what i meant. what i meant to say is i want a school in a beautiful place in a beautiful estate for kids to learn in a hands-on sort of fashion...where teachers are both playful and serious. i want to wear robes, and have "house" competitions. rugby matches would be nice (odd that i say such a thing, as i despise most sporting events).

perhaps what i'm saying today is that i have never grown up, never faced "reality." but, on the other hand, maybe what i most desire is truly real. i started reading a book today written by a man who is now dead. he writes books about myth, ritual, the sacred and the profane. he writes that sacred experience, which has often been labeled as irrational, is in all actuality, the only reality. this is something many other cultures would agree on: that much of what we concern ourselves with on this earth is all an illusion.

so what i'm trying to say here is that i am beginning to believe more in my dreams. isn't that what they tell you to do when you are young? then, as you all know, things get hard...especially our hearts. i'm trying to soften my heart a little. the more it softens the more my life will become real and meaningful. this i believe.

source of images unknown. very sorry.


Netti said...

I want to go to Hogwarts.

erin said...

My husband and I hope to one day run a school for slightly odd children, adults and puppies, etc. He's a computer engineer and I'm a contemplative so we're already slightly odd ourselves (both as a team and independently). It'll be in a forest and will attack you with sacredness when you arrive, but before you suffocate from it will suddenly explode into mirth and frolic and then leave you to choose or yourself.
all that to say, I think your dream is the most real. my soul craves for hogwartses of all kinds, especially ones that include the 'irrational' magic parts! I hope you live your way into your dream.