i'm finally having a good hair day and there's no one to even witness this rare event, and i can't even take a picture because ceej has both cameras


this is big. i've got j-crew sexy waves today. it only took me four days of patiently waiting.

two weeks ago i had 8 inches of my "guinevere" hair chopped. i didn't ask for it. i asked for 4 inches off. no more braids wrapped around my head for a while now. but i've discovered my hair is now east coast, jcrew, "i'm a professional grown-up" length. perhaps people will stop guessing that i'm only twenty-years-old.

though my hair length should now make me look more sophisticated, it might actually only work to my advantage once in a blue moon. here's why: i only wash my hair once every 7-8 days (gasp!). i refuse to use a hair-dryer or flat-iron or anything that will blast my hair with scorching heat. this means i wash my hair, put giant rollers in it, stay inside for one day to avoid being seen, take rollers out after 8 hours, put hair in bun for one day, braid hair for two days. after four days of all this i finally have decent hair.

but no one will see it. ceej is out with the boys this weekend climbing mt. Rainier (a bit of a big deal). i just got off the phone with a longtime, dear friend, and felt confident enought to tell her that i now have 0.5 friends in Sacramento (why 0.5? because i'd like to call her my dearest Sacramento friend, but i'm pretty sure that she only thinks of us as acquaintances. so i'm stickin' to 0.5). My point is this:

how does someone who likes to watch bill moyer's journal for entertainment invite the neighbors over for the latest episode?

how does someone who wants to talk about Mother God one second and cupcakes the next second find people to relate to?

how do i convince people that discussion night is really fun?

in need of Sacramento friends. i admit it. we moved here a year ago, but i've only lived here for 6 of those 12 months. i'm quiet--mostly because i don't want to scare people away with my ranting about re-usable toilet paper, real food, government corruption, and preserving wilderness. sigh. what to do? perhaps i'll start bribing people with those delicious cupcakes. "You're invited to the Whittaker's home for an evening of CUPCAKES and we might just watch a documentary called war made easy. Maybe."

for now, i'm just sitting here with my jcrew-perfect hair, drinking a british milkshake and listening to jolie sing "darling ukulele."

photo via j.crew


Dee said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm sitting here alone too, without Jcrew perfect hair but flat-ironed hair I'm oh so sick of. :) I've been wondering how to get those sexy waves. Tried it this week actually, but only ended up with one frizzy mess that got worse every day (I only wash my hair once a week too). I'm so thankful you shared the process b/c if it can be perfect only once every 7 days it's worth it to me! I might try it, especially the braids! Forgot that trick. Used to do that in high school before flat irons.

So I'm sitting here listening to some new music, blogging a little, and wishes I had more friends too. ALL of those things you mentioned are some of my favorite things to do so I sure with I lived in Sacramento!!!

This post made me laugh out loud because I can relate so much!