Manifesto Monday: Time With the Girls!


I believe that spending time with other women is essential to survival. For some reason when CJ and I were first married I became a hermit and seldom spent time with any of my girlfriends or sisters/mom. I don't really know why I did that, but I did. After a few months of being married I had a good friend come visit me...what a blessing she was! We talked and talked, and I learned that I was NOT crazy...or maybe I was, but at least she was crazy too! I was amazed at how much stress was relieved by our laughing and talking together. It saved me from losing my mind and having a serious breakdown. CJ noticed my improved mood, and has encouraged "girl time" ever since. When I'm happier, so is he--naturally! This I believe.
This last weekend I had LOTS of girl time. It was oh so good for the heart and soul!
First, Olivia and I went skiing on Friday up at Alta. We got to talk about how good life is, and how good our significant others are! We laughed about how dramatic we can be, and how we love being women!!

Saturday I went with my mom and my sister to do a ritual that is as old as time. After we did that the smorgasborg began!

First we hit up Elizabeth's Tea house for scones, quiche, and meat pies to take to the grandparents.

Then we headed over to Mini's Cupcakes for a sweet treat indeed.

I could spend an entire Saturday afternoon here!

After lunch & a visit with our grandparents, the girls headed back out again. This time we stopped by The Black Sheep Wool Co. to get some yarn and knitting needles.
(And we may have stopped next door at Backer's and got heart sugar cookies!)


Natalie said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you have so many wonderful women in your life. What a blessing!

Dustin and Andrea said...

What a beautiful weekend you had. I can't thank you enough for your love and kindness. I LOVE THE FLOWERS!!! They made my day. You are one of a kind and oh so thoughtful. I love you Ann!

sarah and james said...

so true anna. we need our women. I love you and consider myself so so blessed to have you in my life. miss you.xoxo

Peck Family said...

OH yea!! Girl time is always needed! Thanks for the fab day!!

Marie said...

Yes women are so important! Oh Ann that looks so fun I wish I could have been there!

lane said...

I totally agree! I have been lucky to be surrounded by women my whole life (my dad might not agree that it was so lucky.)

I am much happier and healthier when I have girl time. One of the funny things about women is how much they need other women. Kinda cool, right?

Enjoy your fam while you are close. I am jealous!