Friday Issue: The Amazon


This week for my Latin America History class we went the the Amazonia Photography exhibit at the Salt Lake City Library, and then we listened to a panel discussion about the diversity, destruction, and preservation of the Amazon. The photos were beautiful (thought I wished they were larger prints, and in a better location in the library). The panel was enlightening.

The panel consisted of a Brazilian diplomat, a journalist, a biologist, a linguist, an art historian, and an environmental lawyer. Each person talked about the importance of the ecology of this amazing rain forest. It was sad to hear how quickly the trees are being cut down for cattle and agriculture. (You can bet that if you consume any products with soy in them--which is almost everything--that you are contributing a bit to this tragedy...also if you're consuming beef from this region). Anyway, I was shocked at how beautiful and important this place is. I hope there is still enough time to save it.

However, the journalist brought up the point that even if the Brazilian government manages to rescue the forest from destruction it will not help our worsening climate if the rest of us continue to drive our SUV's and consume at the same level we've been consuming at for decades. SO, WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Stop buying so much stuff! (You've heard me say it before...but I'll keep saying it, because no one seems to really hear it. So I'll keep reminding you).

Also, you could google search for environmental groups who need donations to help them make a real effort to save the rain forest. You could start by looking at Greenpeace.


Anonymous said...

I went to Target today to buy some toilet paper. While I was there I found myself thinking, "I know there are other things here that I wanted to pick up." Then I realized I didn't want to remember. I figured if I had survived without it thus far i obviously didn't need it and shouldn't be looking for things to buy.
Thanks for the reminder, Ann.