You're Invited. Please Do Come.


What: Fundraiser for SUWA to help them fight legal battles against the BLM for auctioning off beautiful lands in southern Utah. Come climb, make art, and listen to great music. Part of your entrance fee to climb will be donated to SUWA. There is going to be lots of gear for you to bid on too.

When: Friday December 12th 8:00-11:59 PM (music starts at 10:00 PM).

Where: Momentum Climbing Gym 220 West 10600 South Sandy, the REI near South Towne Mall (the last time you'll ever see the word "mall" on my blog).

CJ, I, and lots of good people have worked hard to pull this together. We'd love you forever if you came to support us, the earth, and all people who are breathing. We're making the 9.5 hour drive to be those of you who are local have no excuses.

Note: if you don't like climbing you can come anyway and just hang out (I stopped climbing a couple years ago altogether, so you can hang out with me). Or you can wait to come at 10:00 PM when the music and the gear auction start.


Linds said...

Ann, I love you. You are a beautiful woman. I just caught up on your blog and I loved every second of your Monday Manifesto this week. So true. I will try my darndest to be there on Friday. I happen to have my grandparents dinner that nite, but will try to stop by afterward if even to just see you...

Dee said...

I will BE THERE. This is very important to me and the least I can do. Wish I could do more.

I'm linking a post to you and spreading the world to all of my friends!

Amazing you have put this together.

Dee said...

OH man, but no way am I climbing! :)

nicole said...

Wow, wish I could be there. Would you mind if I linked this on my blog to spread the word to family and friends out that way?