Why I Don't Support Obama


First of all, I chose this photo because I think it is exactly what we won't get if Obama is elected. I don't see any real or tangible evidence that Obama will bring "progress" to politics in America. Second of all, I haven't even mentioned my feelings about McCain/Palin on my blog because I figure they're not even worth mentioning.

Here's a list (borrowed from this site because it is well put) of reasons why I don't support Obama. Obama supports the following:

1. Increasing the size and budget of the military
2. Leaving 150,000 residual troops in IRaq
3. Funding for the Iraq war with no timetable for withdrawal
4. Escalated war in Afghanistan and use of force against Pakistan and Iran
5. “Terrorist” rhetoric that obscures US fault in conflicts
6. Support for the Israel lobby and denigration of Palestinian fighters as terrorists
7. So-called “free” trade supported by trade deals like NAFTA
8. Off-shore oil drilling
9. Big nuclear power and wasteful corn ethanol
10. Defiance of the constitution through telecom immunity and the Patriot Act
11. Refusal to support single payer healthcare
12. Refusal to perform Constitutional obligation and hold impeachment hearings (or even censure George Bush)

If you can show me where Obama DOESN'T support any of the above listed, please do.


Dee said...

I'm really glad you posted this. I understand all of your concerns. I disagree on many for reasons that would be too lengthy to comment on here but I might be back with an attempt!

No, you are very possibly right about Obama though. I'm giving him my hope, faith, confidence for this election only. If he disappoints me, I'm Nader 2012, all the way!

But I can't help myself. I just believe! I know, it's sick! :)

Wilton Vought said...

Here are 2 relevant posts from my blog, the first being commentary on 3rd party voting, the second being a video of Donna Smith (from Sicko) speaking on single payer healthcare:

People who vote Dumbocrat because they are afraid of the big bad Ratpublican are the ones wasting their votes. When they do this they are saying in effect that the rotten, corrupt system is just fine with them.

Dee said...
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Ann Marie said...

Nader is 74 years old. This is your last chance to vote for a real candidate. It's unlikely he'll run again.

Dee said...

I understand, but I don't think it's all about this one vote. It's only one of the many ways that we can change politics. Surely there will be many great leaders like Nader in the future, don't you think?

Ann Marie said...

If we keep voting for something less than what we really want then how do we expect to get real leaders who represent what we want? Fortunately, Nader's campaign is gaining some speed here at the end...he's speaking across the country to overflowing audiences. Too bad the election is so close. I think people are starting to really hear him, and see that the two major parties are the root of all our political woes. My point is, is that if we keep crossing our fingers and hoping, that is not what will produce leaders that will benefit us.

Dee said...

I agree, it's just that Obama is what I really want. Not that he's perfect or that I agree with him on every issue, but I think that he is good for the country right now.

Are you opposed to all Democrats? Would you vote for someone on the Democratic ticket if they represented you? I know that's not why you don't support Obama, but is it part of it?

I guess I still think the party can be changed from the inside but maybe that's not possible. I'm not sure what I think about that.

Ann Marie said...

I don't support most Democrats. Most of them are part of the game. If Obama's what you want then vote for him. But I don't want any of those things I listed in this blog post. That's where I draw my line. I have a breaking point.