Till The Sun Turns Black


Folk artists have a beautiful way of talking about ugly things in this world. Loving Ray especially these days. This song has been singing in my head:

Can you see the young and pretty
Confident as cops
Blooming, laughing in the shops
Till the sun turns black
Can you see the old and lonely
Walking through the park
Pushing grocery carts
Till the sun turns black
Can you see the corporate man
He's winning on the telephone
His possessions are his throne
Till the sun turns black
Can you see him in his lounger
Watching TV in the dark
Waiting for a spark
Till the sun turns black
Oh oh oh oh oh
Who are we
Oh oh oh oh oh
Who are we
Who are we
Can you see the working classes
Trudging through their days
Time goes slowly when you're only waiting
Till the sun turns black
Can you see the wise man simply
Living, loving quietly
Every breath he takes eternity
Till the sun turns black


liz said...

Good lyrics! I think it is so true- especailly about the possesions. I know so many people, who have focused so much on getting rich- getting more "stuff." And guess what they end up with??? Yep- STUFF! There family is gone, no friends, no hobbies- but boy do they have a lot of stuff! It is true- you will get what you focus on. I will choose to focus on living!

liz said...

Yes- I realize I spelled "there" wrong- it should have been their... oops! I was busy living!

Hasenpfeffer said...

Ray played out at Saltair a couple of nights ago. When are you moving back to Utah?

julia said...

i was lucky enough to see this man 2 days ago. it was moving. he is inspiring and good.

Linds said...

What I don't understand is how I miss checking your blog for literally 2 days and BAM I am hit with some great stuff. First, I love that you are passionate about politics. I am finding an interest there as well, but also an overwhelming feeling of how enormous the issues really are. Can I tell you something I have read about Obama, only because he'll probably win and I don't want you to be too discouraged. He really does (at least from what I've read and learned) know how to gather people around him that know more than him. take comfort in this only because a president is only a man who has mastered the ability to sell himself. Despite the issues I feel like saying to my "conservative" relatives, what's wrong with a man who uses hope as a campaign? Like you say, shouldn't we all worry about peole a little more? SHouldn't we help those in need and if that means helping a couple of free loaders while helping those who truly need it so what? Anyway, sorry about the long comment and I do love your passion. I need to gather some of it up and eat it.

Kara said...

John and I saw Ray in concert a few days ago at the Salt Palace. I had never heard of him and was glad that we went. He was great!

Ann Marie said...

Liz-AMEN! Who needs stuff?!

Julia, Kara, John- jealous you got to see the great Ray! we're hoping to go see him in a couple days! hope it works out.

Hasenpfeffer- moving back ASAP. I get to be in Utah full time Jan-April! That means Ceej will be out for more visits

Linds-so glad you love politics too. If you're interested, email me and I'll email you some interesting articles. I'd welcome any more thoughts from you for sure!