Let's Do Something About Politics!


So I think I'm a little slow on this one. Why haven't I heard of Naomi Wolf nor her books and her movie? Ceej heard an interview with her, and we immediately started our research.

A few years ago author Naomi Wolf traveled across the country talking about what she sees as threats to American liberty, and what struck her was how powerless Americans felt to make change. So, she set out to learn from the nation's original revolutionaries what freedom actually means, and she quotes the 18th century philosopher Diderot when she says "everything must be shaken up, without exception and without circumspection." - Radiowest

The End of America should be required reading for every American. Rather than giving us a partisan 600-page tome on the crimes of the Bush administration, Naomi Wolf lays out clearly and concisely how we as a people have allowed our government to move perilously close to fascism and points the blame squarely where it belongs: at ourselves. Starting with the premise that it only takes ten changes to move a country from democracy to fascism, she points out the subtle, overlooked ways in which our government is making this happen. Wolf is the new Paul Revere, warning us that only we as citizens can stop the march toward an American fascist state. Anyone who reads this will realize that we are close to the end of real democracy in America, and if we don't stand up and demand real change now, it will soon be far too late.Recommended by Lynn,

As the practice of democracy becomes a lost art, Americans are increasingly desperate for a restored nation. Many have a general sense that the "system" is in disorder -- if not on the road to functional collapse. But though it is easy to identify our political problems, the solutions are not always as clear. In Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries, bestselling author Naomi Wolf illustrates the breathtaking changes that can take place when ordinary citizens engage in the democratic system the way the founders intended and tells how to use that system, right now, to change your life, your community, and ultimately, the nation.


Dee said...

Oh my gosh, I probably will have to go out and get these books today! I've heard of her before, oh, I think I saw her on Jon Stewart maybe?

I feel like politics, this being an election year, is making Halloween take a back seat! I'm behind on all of my Halloween traditions. Only one more day! EEEEk!

Hasenpfeffer said...


I'm glad for your newborn wave of social critique and political spewings. I spend a lot of time thinking and stressing about this sort of thing and it's nice to know that I have friends like me doing the same thing. Sometimes I feel like I might be insane, other times I wonder if everyone around me is insane. Every day I get closer to following my own advice and quitting my job to enter the world of full-time writer (not copywriter, they are VERY different) so I can put energy into publicly dwelling on the corporate question, which I think to me is the question behind the biggest problems with America and her children.

Ann Marie said...

Hasen!!! I can hardly wait for you to quit your corporate job and be a full-time independent writer! I think you are by far my favorite writer. We're all working on leaving coporate America day we'll have a big party when we're completely free.