oxford update from my iphone


i can't believe week four is almost over. it has flown by, and yet there is still so much to do.
my laptop won't read my sd card, and so i can't upload photos yet.
so in the mean time i thought i'd just put up some iphone/instagram photos.
here's what i've been up to for the past three weeks:

:: tea. clotted cream. scones ::

:: spending most of my day-time hours in the bodleian libray ::

:: making a book of sonnets at printing class ::

:: organizing and presenting at a conference...i talked about the First Folio and the Academic Girl Gene ::

:: sneaking off to blenheim palace to read in the grass by the lake ::

:: going to as many music events at churches here in oxford as possible ::

:: writing letters home to ceej ::

:: skyping with ceej at least twice a day ::

:: desperately missing ceej ::

:: more tea. clotted cream. scones ::

:: shakespeare in the theater in both stratford and london ::

:: turning in papers, and then researching the next one ::

:: going for walks through these old colleges to let my mind process all the research ::

:: reading out loud so I can hear the First Folio ::

:: eating at High Table dinners and worrying about which fork to use ::

:: gazing out my window at night, looking at the gothic "hogwarts" steeple all lit up ::

:: enjoying my time with my tutor who is a shakespeare super-star ::

:: running every morning near the meadow ::

life is good.


Tiffany Kadani said...

So much beauty. You always inspire me.

lucent imagery said...

What a wonderful list. I enjoy your perspective of daily life snippets. And your hair! You are really working those gorgeous curls!

Debie Grace said...

Each photo looks magical. That place is magical! :)

Chelsea said...

Oh dear, you're making me homesick for Oxford! I took my Shakespeare require at UCLA abroad and this beautiful post has me all kinds of nostalgic for the UK. Thanks for sharing! :)

Cobalt Violet said...

Lovely lovely photos! I am quite envious of the Shakespeare and the scones and the running in the meadow! How beautiful!
Enjoy! Blessings and light to you!

natalie said...

beautiful. it was like stepping back in time..grand old buildings and elegant cups of tea x

Gabriela said...

OMG, I would so happily exchange my life for yours...
I dream about living your life...
My most deep congrats and please, enjoy it :D:D:D:D:D

shipbuilding said...

'making a book of sonnets at printing class'
how wonderful (and very intriguing)

k x

Stella Kelinci said...

So much beauty. You always inspire me.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oxford love letter....heaven
Sarah --x--

Hildegard said...

This is gorgeous!