this was our desert trip last fall | part one |


last september ceej, andrea (our good friend from germany), and i headed down south.
to escalante. one of the most remote areas in the country.
this trip took place only one week after i summited the grand teton.
this trip was supposed to be a walk in the park...

of course i'm going to tell you how exhausting it really was,
but i also want to tell you how magnificent it was.

we walked across ancient desert dunes for an hour before we found the trail,
and then we walked for a few more hours in direct sunlight.
the heat was difficult. and this was september. i can't imagine july or august. brutal.

when we finally descended into the river bed we were relieved to find shade
and cool clean water to soak our feet in.

however, the river presented its own hidden misery that we wouldn't know about
until two weeks after our return home: poison ivy (more on that later).

but, oh my. this place is beautiful like no other place.
i will never get over its mystery, its deafening silence, its honesty.

after hiking all day we finally came to a good place to camp for the night.
oh how good it feels to let down a heavy pack, take off your shoes,
and know that sleep is very near--after a very good meal of course.

more of our trip tomorrow.


RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

oh, how I missed your desert posts/photos!

Erin said...

I know these places like a good friend! They are like a home away from home to me. My husband's family are from Boulder and Escalante, so we are down there every chance we get, hiking, sleeping out under the stars, exploring the dunes and deep canyons, breathing it all in, and making memories. Now, living across the country, that's only once every couple of years, and I miss it! This is the first place my oldest (now 4) went tent camping when he was 4 months old. Five days out in the desert, aaahh.... Anyway, I'm just reminiscing...thanks for taking me back there as I am looking out my window to loads of snow.

Anonymous said...

STUNNING. thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and poetry! i've been transported from my office desk, if just for a few minutes.

N said...

SO beautiful Ann! I'm dying for a warm, sunny day to go for a long hike. Your photos will definitely tide me over until spring comes. :)

Natalie xx

Unknown said...

SOOOOO gorgeous. We are off to Joshua Tree next week. WIth the three boys! so excited. xxoo

blues said...

gosssshhhh, i need to come back again!