manifesto monday : a deliberate imagination


i have come to realize the power of a deliberate imagination.

it started over three years ago when ceej and i started to suspect
that his company might be moving to our dream location at
the foot of our mountains...

initially we didn't want to get our hopes up.
but, then, i decided it was all about getting our hopes up
and imagining our dream scenario at that point in our lives.

i let myself get giddy. i imagined the long-awaited announcement.
it was fun. i was happy. and, yes, it was also lucky.

here we are living at the foot of our mountains, and i got to enjoy
the entire process--avoiding my habit of worry.

and so i learned. thinking, imagining, and letting my mind wander
to all the possibilities was not only fun, but it made my actions
more deliberate.

ceej and i are once again in a place that requires a big and positive imagination.
we're starting a business, we're house-hunting, we're making career decisions.

and we're having fun with it. we're imagining what we want,
and then we act. deliberate.

i find that prayer, meditation, list-making, talking late into the night with ceej,
and talking to a dear friend on the phone
are all so common--because these are all ways that allow me to be more
mindful of what i'm feeling, thinking, and doing.

imagination. mindfullness. deliberate thoughts and actions.

i'm also finding that the more convinced that "i think i can"
the more convinced others are that i can--and the support,
the encouragement, and the help comes flooding in.

it's good to be here. in all this imaginative bliss.
because i can.

this i believe.


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

That is so awesome for you guys:)!!! And isn't it amazing, once you build a momentum with creating in your mind and watching reality follow, its like there's not stopping the positive feelings and outcomes! This has been a life long lesson for me - my head creates my world!! I think I knew and practised it most clearly when I was a child. I was well aware of this power and knew I deserved it. I think as we get older we somehow get other (silly!) ideas. Well done for sticking to your imagination and positivity, beautiful will keep coming!

Sarah Kate Branine said...

I needed to read this tonight. Thank you so very much for writing your thoughts here.

Wishing you happy and 'I think I can I think I can' thoughts from Portland,
Sarah Kate

janet clare said...

I have 'she believed she could and so she did' embroidered on my studio apron, and truly believe that is the key to everything.

natalie said...

Manifesto Monday is quickly becoming one of my fav's. I'm inspired that you're so inspired and in turn it makes me feel inspired to put some of this into action. And it's so true that if you believe it others do too!

Debie Grace said...

There really is a difference when you push yourself forward and letting the world push you. I believe in that power, too. When you think you can, you will achieve it soon. Good luck with it. ;)

Unknown said...

I love your manifesto mondays!

Sera said...

Totally getting into that feeling too! I shyed away from it for so long because I felt that I was being pushy... even if only in my head! But I think it really does help :) I have a picture that says "she turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans" ;) been my motto since I moved!

Best of wishes with everything that's going on!


Netti said...

This is probably my favorite post of yours, ever. It just hit the spot. As always, love your blog. :)

Davenport Dame said...

Just came upon your blog through pinterest. Lovely and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your manifesto!

Inge said...

You are so spot on! This is so very important. Such a great tool with which to change your life. You have to believe you can and imagination is so powerful. Yet again, something that is worth being reminded of every once in a while.