spring somehow makes me wish we were more permanent...that we owned a home,
and that we would be here for decades. why?
because all of a sudden i want to plant roots...real roots.
i want to plant a magnolia tree, and a garden full of summer feasts and autumn harvests.
i want to build furniture, and get rid of that old cheap stuff we bought when we were first married.

spring time kills me in so many ways:
i want to settle, but remind myself my time is not yet;
we need a garden, but can't tear up our rental yard;
i love the warm weather, but unbearable summer heat is around the corner...

spring time is always such a tease.
but i love it. so so much.

hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend outside with loved ones.


Marie Pech said...

Oh my gosh. I'm in complete agreement with you. This post describes exactly how I've been feeling lately here in NYC. On the cusp of turning 30, but still so much to accomplish before settling down!

Sylvia said...

Your time will come; Enjoy what you have...and you have this amazing endless sky and Spring, the most inspiring time! I wish you patience!

Anya said...

I hear you about the summer heat. Each spring I am happy to see first green leaves and pretty spring flowers and completely forget about the unbearable (for me) heat that will be upon us soon.

As for planting ... do you guys have a balcony? There are tons of plants that are happy to live in containers. You can have not only herbs but pretty flowers and even veggies or berries!

Mercedes said...

dude i was just virtual house hunting. i feel you on wanting roots. i keep trying to tell myself mercedes right now you are an annual not a perennial. that sounds kind of depressing--but it seems to be working for me.

you should make one of those square box gardens. i think you just have to slap some wood together....and girl you know your way around power tools.

let's get together this week!

Sera said...

Argh! I know exactly what you mean. I also can't wait to have a garden of our own and plant and eat from and enjoy. I hope you can find some vicarious enjoyment this spring :)

crispin korschen said...

I know what you mean about living in rental houses and wanting to put roots down (literally) . .....i am living in the first house of my own now with my own garden (finally planted that magnolia tree) but when I was renting all those years I just made gardens wherever I should try it....even if it's just a little one it's so good for your soul....plant roses can always prune them right back and transplant them with you when you go.......I did it lots of times to my roses until now they are finally in my very own garden.