in my little garden...and how i avoided homework all day to be in the sunshine with plants


my original goal yesterday was to read 150 pages from an assigned novel from the 18th century.
i got to page 17. all this sunshine tempts me to clean the house inside and play in the dirt outside.
so i'm a day behind in my studies. but it was totally worth it. 

i now have a little herb garden of lavender, rosemary, thyme, and cilantro.
there are plans to add more and more herbs to my collection as the lovely weather continues.
last year my little herb garden became victim to an aphid extravaganza.
so this year i will try to remember to shield my little plants with the proper repellents. 

i so wish that we could have a larger garden with all sorts of delicious veggies
and a little patch of strawberries. but we live in a rental home that has never
had the luxury of a gardener. thus, the soil is terrible, and i don't have 
the time or money to give it the love it needs to produce the crop that i dream of.
i think the most i could do is make a couple of planter boxes...if i get the time...
and there's that little glitch in a summer garden where i leave home for six weeks
every summer to go to school. if i could find the right care-taker while i'm gone it might just work.

do you garden? what have you planted so far? any signs of life peeking out of the soil?


Yunita Rebekah said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I've been trying to plant a lot of fruits in my garden but none of them worked well because of the tropical climate.. :(

Cassie said...

We're just starting to prepare our beds for planting. A little bit here and there. This week it snowed, so we're not quite ready to plant yet...but soon...

rusty {rambles} said...

My three-year wait for an allotment is over and I've taken on a big patch of weeds- very daunting and certainly not enough time to give it what it needs! But it's exciting to have a big patch of dirt, and now I can have flowers, rather than veggies, in my own back garden! Haven't got beyond the digging stage at the moment, but a herb garden is on the wish list...

Alexandra said...

I am so envious of your little garden! I am making an attempt to growing some cilantro and basil in my apartment, but my doubts about it easily outweigh my optimism.
I suppose I'll just have to dream about someday having a yard, for now.

his little lady said...

all of these photos make me really wish i had a green thumb. so beautiful!
xo TJ

Gemma Mortlock said...

I have an allotment, its showing so much life at the moment, broadbeans, peas, carrots, potatoes, corn and lavender, mint, coriander and rosemary are all thriving as well as strawberries, nectarine tree, pear tree apple tree, blueberry, and blackberry bushes.
Its hard work but totally love it! Your little pots are adorable!
I completely agree with gardening over homework 100%.
Happy Friday

Anya said...

What a cute herb garden you've got! I like your choice of plants.

It's my second year gardening but it's still too cold to plant anything. So I am planting seedlings indoors and clean up flower beds when the weather permits.
Yesterday was quite exciting - first 2 crocuses opened their flowers!!! I am now waiting impatiently to see the rest of them.

a little black cloud in a dress said...

I know your predicament so well.. we rent right now, too, and the soil here sucks, but I don't want to throw money into it, since we won't be here long. I had a couple of unsuccessful years of summer gardening because of it (and ants) but last fall I decided to do smaller raised beds and a couple of containers & I grew so much! I think containers are ideal very minimal cost & effort. :]

tinyparticlesoflight said...

I've always wanted my own vegetable garden but our house sits at a funny angle and the places we could plant a garden don't get enough afternoon sun. However, I have been meaning to plant at least a couple of container tomatoes or peppers some day!

blowing off work to be outside is almost always worth it - your herbs look lovely.


Inge said...

Your little herb garden is precious. You can go a long way with those in the kitchen.
I'd planted quite a lot last year, but in the short but cold winter we had, most of it died. The sage still lives, and there's a little bit of parsley sticking its head out from under the fallen leaves, but the rest of the herbs and tomatoes and bell pepper are all gone. So I'll have to plant some new herbs and veggies this year. It's just that, like yours, the soil isn't all that good, so I don't want to spend too much money (again). I do love gardening though, so there will be planting.