i finally took an entire day to clean, and how there are really awesome women in this world


i knew this would happen. i knew that if i started cleaning, really truly cleaning,
that i wouldn't do anything else today. yup. no homework even attempted. 
but i'm sure those pages will eventually get read this weekend.
ceej has been gone a week...i swear i am getting to be a big wimp when it comes to his traveling.
i think one thing i realized this time around is that i'm more of a loner than i thought. true.

thank goodness for women friends across the globe.
this morning i awoke to a lovely and generous email from this ambitious woman who is off to italy today to find beautiful fabric for her amazing clothing line. i swoon for such classy simplicity.
i found comfort in little facebook comments from this brilliant woman who has just returned 
to her second home in england.
and i was quite happy to receive an email from this visionary woman who sees the value and the
beauty of the past.
i just want to have you all over for tea. all of you. because you're all so lovely.

so now my lonely heart isn't so alone anymore, and lucky me,
ceej returns home tonight and we're headed straight to hear beethoven's fifth and faure's pavane.
it should be just what this lonely heart needs (especially now that i have peace of mind that
the house is clean!)

have a happy weekend, dear readers.


N said...

You're so wonderful, Ann Marie. I'm surprised that my little comments made you feel more at ease in your alone time, but I am sure glad they did!

Lucky you get to listen to some of the most brilliant and beautiful music ever composed. After I read your comment on facebook, all I did for a half hour was listen to Beethoven and Mozart and Fauré. I wish it could have been live, but it still did the trick. Now it's my turn to get to cleaning. haha Unpacking time. Then writing time.

Good luck with your reading! And if you are ever in this part of the world, please do stop by for tea! :)

brooke hammel said...

Ann Marie - I am a new reader and just want to say how much I love your blog, your photos, your writing, everything is just beautiful. Makes me feel like I'm listening to a Bon Iver song. Captivating. Thank you. <3

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

We are in the same boat! My boyfriend is away this weekend and I'm wondering what I should do with my 'free' time. Maybe the same as you; cleaning and have a cup of tea with some friends. Of course, you would be invited too if there weren't miles and an ocean between us :)

gabilil said...


tinyparticlesoflight said...

A clean house really makes so much difference, doesn't it? I'm glad you found some comfort from some of the women who admire you!

Have a wonderful evening with Ceej!


Cobalt Violet said...

I have been up housesitting at my parents in Ojai CA for two weeks and need to clean before they get home today ... then go home and start cleaning my place. I love these photos because they are making me feel the need to clear out and find simplicity! Looking forward to looking up these women! Thanks! :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

this isn't gonna be a deep, meaningful comment but....your comforter is amazing and i want it. i love the ruffles.

Chloe Hawes said...

Oh, I wish there could be a day spare for me just to get down to it all. I really would love to, it's not often I say that I want to clean! :P I think your blog is the lovliest of them all and I can't help but check to see if you have a new post at least once a day! :D
Love In Christ,
Chloe-jane x x x x

Minna - Carefree Casualness said...

So beautiful photos! I love the feeling here :)