halloooo out there {out there as in being outside, which i am pining for}


oh my. i'm being eaten by a boa-constrictor piles of books and loose pages of essays.
somehow i've either forgotten how to schedule life or i have filled my days with too much
{fyi: life is "too busy" if i cannot find an hour a day to do as i please: take a nap, read books, stare at the wall, knit...a luxury? not for me. down time is essential to this woman's sanity}.

i've been noticing, quite acutely, how much my out-of-doors time has been cut back.
it's bad. very, very bad. i seem to be inhabiting rooms these days...usually the office/study.
how long have i been back in school? oh yes. only two weeks, and i'm already 
resenting these books {which i do love} for their neediness.

i'm busy. by my standards. and i'm wondering how to remedy my dilemma.
(a) learn how to schedule better, and stay away from the interwebs
(b) adopt a scaled-back schedule by dropping a class that isn't necessary now (or ever, really), and that is causing me lots and lots of stress...though i keep it in the schedule because i don't want to feel like i "gave up." hmph. 

point: i need to get outside more, and find more quiet time...especially now that the snow has finally started to fall. 

{photos from our trip to grand teton national park last summer/fall}


Cassie said...

dropping that class doesn't mean you're giving up, just SIMPLIFYING, which, of the thing you express the most here, is extremely important to you :) (and isn't it important to all of us!)

Ann Marie said...

Bless you, Cassie! I just dropped the class after verifying the decision with my most trusted people. It is a simplification, and is turning out to be a win-win situation!

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

I'm sure you've done the right thing. As Cassie says: Dropping a class isn't giving up! You can do it later, if you still want or have enough time.
Don't forget to enjoy yourself and nature beside your studies. These pictures are so beautiful!

Sophie said...

haha i, like you, need to have daily downtime!

and i, like you, am pining to get outside more. i just got back from being home in sydney for a month where i lived outside every second of the day. but now back in the U.K i am too tempted to just stay indoors.

these photos are sensational! and i am in love with your blog. i am so so happy i found it. im your newest fan! xx

Amber said...

My Grandmother used to have a sayingthe she was so busy that she 'might meet herseld coming back' and I can totally identify with that. I feel guilty for relaxing, reading a book or whatever. What IS that all about? Answers on a postcard please....

Desi McKinnon said...

one of the most important things to do in design is to edit, edit, edit. it also holds true in designing your life. if you would be happier dropping that class, do it. you're not giving up you're choosing what's more important/less important. there's nothing wrong with that.

Desi McKinnon said...

i just read the other comments. i'm so glad you made that choice. good for you.

Cassie said...

I'm so glad the answer came to you. Glad it feels right. It's so hard when we feel like we're not doing everything we "should" be doing, but I'm learning that it's okay to say no. I love hearing about your schooling (especially since the subjects you study are so very near and dear to my own heart.)

kwistin said...

amen to all of this.

as far as point b, i found myself in a similar boat to start this semester. i literally had to call three friends to read them my schedule and make sure it wasn't too "easy" for me. they assured me it wasn't.

funny how that is. good luck with those books! i hope that you find yourself outside, breathing in that lovely air soon.

Leslie said...

You sound just like my daughter. I'll say the same thing I'd say to her, "drop that unnecessary class." You need a balanced life in order to do justice to the other classes. And you really don't want to end up hating your books, which you obviously love.

Oh, and take a walk!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

I agree with Cassie - and I see that you dropped the class. Whew! More time for what's important right now.

Go stand in the outside air for at least 5 minutes. And if you find sunshine make it 10. :)


Unknown said...

These photos are GORGEOUS and make me yearn for a trip to the mountains. I want more outside time too but I need something to keep me out there when it's cold. It's hard to find down time when you're busy but you're right - it's for sanity's sake. So good luck doing what you NEED to do and enjoy every last moment when you do!

kylie said...

who doesn't love a mountain escape? pining is the perfect word.

Barb said...

Visiting you from somewhere else. I am in love with the Tetons - glorious photos. Also, glad you're simplifying. The cake looks yummy!