weekend contrasts, and how i'm going to take a deep breath now and throughout the day


lots to do today, and i'm almost resolved to step away from the computer and face it.
it's not a terrible day really. just  a day i wouldn't normally choose for myself...
but  i still chose it. so here i go. the good news is is that days do not repeat themselves.

i'm sure i'll find many good things along my way today mixed in with all the dread,
and tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next will be back to normal,
back to my preferred slow pace. i'm good at slow. i love slow. 

on another note, i am quite enamored with the pretty berries that blossom this time of year.
they're sort of all over my house right now. i really can't resist.

have a lovely relaxed weekend, dear readers.


tinyparticlesoflight said...

I feel like you - I really prefer slow most days but when this busy day is over the slow pace of the following day will be that much sweeter.

Those berries are wonderful!


Petra Stu said...

What are these berries? they are sooo beautiful! i've been searching for them, but yet no luck finding them in the nature. i guess they don't grow here where i live.

Ann Marie said...

They're holly berries. I LOVE them. I got them at my local garden shop, but I think they were shipped from Oregon.

nacherluver said...

Love the feel of the photos. That first quote reached off the screen and slapped me! Guess I needed it.
Good luck in your day.

Unknown said...

Wow, the third one down kind of glows, even though the light is darker... Amazing photos! What do you shoot with?

Ann Marie said...

Thanks, Char!
I use a Nikon D90 and usually use a 35mm lens.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots!
Happy weekend to you too. The weekend will be much better than today, I'm sure :)

Minna - Carefree Casualness said...

Beautiful photos again!
And thank you for visiting my blog. The home in those photos are from my home. :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

those quotes are like red berries,
bright pops of aliveness,
my eyes taking them in hungrily,
grateful for the clever ways even a stark
season finds
to express itself beautiful!
Thanks for this delicious share,

Annie said...

hi Ann Marie, I stumbled across your blog recently and have been enjoying your posts so much. your images are beautiful and your words are so honest. thanks for the little bits of inspiration :)

Morlee said...

Those berries are gorgeous. I'm sorry your day wasn't ideal. I hope things get better!