this excited body needs to get outside to let the imagination fly


for the past two days i have been practically glued to my computer...
you would think i was designing computer software or writing code, but no,
i have been trying to improve my illustrator skills for an exciting project i'm working on.
this morning, after a great little meeting, my brain has been flooded with ideas
and i'm tempted to spend another day on the computer...

but i'm going to fight that urge because i know that when this happens
i need to take a walk outside, in my mountains, in the woods,
and write down everything that comes into this body, heart & mind.
so very excited indeed. can't wait to tell/show you all what it's all about.

these photos are from our last trip down to southern utah.
ceej is in europe (in norway, i think, at the moment), and i'm missing him.
i think it's hardest when the holiday season is upon us, and i have no one
to sip hot cocoa with and listen to andy williams with. 
sunday this loneliness will be over with. can't wait.

so until then, i'm distracting myself with such a wonderful project and headed to the mountains.


tinyparticlesoflight said...

The first picture breaks my heart - so lonely and beautiful! I hope you have a prolific walk in the woods...


Anita said...

How exciting to have a new project to work on. You have to love it when the ideas are pouring in. So glad he'll be home with you soon!

kylie said...

can't wait to hear about this project! there are those computer days sometimes, and that's why it's nice to take a walk inbetween to maintain sanity! :)

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi, Just happen to glace at your comment on someones blog and saw that you live in S.L. I live in Alpine, and am happy to visit another Utahn. Love all of your pics! The rustic home with the green roof is my favorite. I am now following you. Hope to visit often.

Being Julia said...

Where are these pictures taken? Utah? Trying to place them. I spent many years in Utah...what a beautiful state. Love the sky in the pictures!

Can hardly wait to hear about this new idea! I am sure it will be fab!
When? When will you share the new project?

nedj said...

So sweet ....