autumn : hands-down the best time of year : what we did last autumn in california


it's so crazy to think that last year at this time we were still living in california.
i was always so anxious to escape the heat and find a bit of fall.
our weekend adventures were incredible : sierra mountains, apple orchards, redwood forests, yosemite, and the sea...i think being close to the sea is the thing i miss most.

now that we're in salt lake city fall is already upon us, and all i have to do is look out my window
to see the leaves changing in the mountains...this year's colors are going to be drop-dead bright
thanks to a very wet spring and a nice monsoon season.
i am loving that i get to put my sweater on every night, and my boots have
already come out of the closet a few times.

i am so ready for thick, chunky sweaters, leather boots, wellie boots, duck boots,
scarves, tweed blazers, tweed news-boy hats, knit hand-warmers, knit scarves,
the smell of cool air, homemade cider doughnuts, nutmeg, ginger, cloves,
am so giddy thinking of halloween and all the trick-o-treaters that will be coming to our door
all bundled up to escape the frosty elements,
am incredibly excited for that first dusting of snow...part of me wishes that a dusting
of snow is all that would come, but then i remember you can't ski on dust...
still, that first dusting of snow is eternally magical.

what are your favorites of fall?

{see last year's ode to autumn here}


Tiffany Kadani said...

I cannot wait to go to Apple Hill! It's just one of those things that tells me that Fall is ready and wonderful. These photos are just perfection.

the wild magnolia said...

Of beauty lands and fruits and, gasp, doughnuts. A splendid treat!

Thank you.

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

love, love your pics! but truthfully, new england apples are the best in the world.