a quiet weekend : a new knitting project to begin


we'll be sticking close to home this weekend. it's nice not to worry about packing anything:
no stuffing sleeping bags into teeny-tiny bags, no figuring out if i'm packing my warm jacket
or my huge puffy coat, no driving in circles trying to find the trailhead...don't get me wrong,
i love all of our adventures, but i'm looking forward to a weekend at home.
lucky for us we can still spend time in the mountains since they're just in our back yard!

this weekend there will be a hike, starting a new knitting project {a sweater!}, 
going to the last farmer's market of the year,
working around the house and yard, and attending friends' wedding {yipee!}

what does your weekend look like?


Cassie said...

I think knitting is in my weekend as well (in between chasing kiddos, that is.) I taught myself to knit this summer, and just went to visit my knitting whiz friend yesterday to learn to increase and decrease. Now I'm ready to make something!!

the wild magnolia said...

Searching online for north Georgia RV campgrounds. Looking ahead to actually being on the road traveling. We will be staying in one place longer, to conserve finances. There is still a wide open wonderland for us to discover.

Saturday a birthday party for my husband's granddaughter. She is five and busting out with life energy.

Basically a weekend of living the daily life, when retired weekends fade one day into another. It is a good time of life.

Unknown said...

I love your blog!
I'll be hiking to Karlstein castle in the Czech Republic and attending a Burchak (young wine) festival. :)

Then making french onion soup with friends on an evening in on Sunday.

I love autumn too!

kylie said...

so lovely.

and i am liking the changes thus far - change is so nice!

Angy is my name. said...

Our weekend will consist of a breakfast in a National Park, dog walking, some much needed crafting and probably some snoozing! Your project looks intriguing... looking fwd to seeing the results!

Ethel said...

see why i love your blog?! knitting. being inspired to knit. That's what i love about stirs me up to want to start knitting...along with your pictures! it's getting to be that time again....