the lake district {part two} : dove cottage


i fell in love with dove cottage, william wordsworth's house in the lake district.
such a simple home where the best of his poetry was written.
i loved walking through each room, and seeing documents that this great romantic poet signed or favorite was his little worn suitcase on a bed that he had written his name upon. 

do you like wordsworth? i quite love his poetry. 
last year my love was sealed after taking a class on the romantic poets.
for the first time i read "the ruined cottage" aloud. you really must do this.
it will change you. it's long, but oh so worth every single word and syllable.
try it. it will roll off your tongue, and if you're like me, you'll be in tears.
so beautifully sorrowful. 

that night, after visiting dove cottage, ceej and i walked down from our farm
and found a beautiful spot overlooking the lake.
i read wordsworth aloud. magic.

...she sleeps in the calm earth, and peace is here,
i well remember that those very plumes,
those weeds, and the high spear-grass on that wall,
by mist and silent rain-drops silvered o'er,
as once i passed did to my heart convey
so still an image of tranquility,
so calm and still, and looked so beautiful
amid the uneasy thoughts which filled my mind,
that what we feel of sorrow and despair
from ruin and from change, and all the grief
the passing shews of being leave behind,
appeared an idle dream that could not live
where meditation was. i turned away
and walked along my road in happiness...
the old man rose and hoisted up his load.
together casting then a farewell look
upon those silent walls, we left the shade
and ere the stars were visible attained
a rustic inn, our evening resting place.

{p.s. you should totally check out marte's photos of the interior of beatrix potter's pretty!}


Jeanne said...

such lovely photos, and a great and timeless poem. Lots of meaning to really see the places that some of his work was written, and what a fabulous summer! Enjoyed your post a lot. Jeanne

Unknown said...

I have visited this area. It really is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

the photos are so pretty.. what a wonderful place!! love wordsworth, I even like that his last name has meaning..because I love his words *sigh*

samantha ramage said...

how very beautiful! both pictures and words.


Cobalt Violet said...

Beautiful words and what a charming romantic place.. The old stone works just amazes me too!

Cassie said...

I love Wordsworth, and I love your photos of his little space. Dreamy!

Netti said...

One of my very favorite things to do is walk around a small town and take pictures of it's little quirks and buildings and charms, and as a result, I appreciate so much other peoples photos of the same thing, so I am completely loving all of your pictures!

And loving that pretty poem too!

GailO said...

How beautiful the Lake District is! How wonderful to read Wordsworth aloud while in his element...Thank you for sharing this!