the lake district {part one} : lovely surprise visitors and hill top farm


ceej arrived on a tuesday. we left for the lake district the next morning:
learning how to drive on the left side of the rode and how to navigate the teeny-tiny roads in the countryside. we're alive. barely.

a few weeks earlier i had emailed at least twenty b&b's and lucky for us,
ashness farm had some openings for us. yes! 
just as we arrived at the gate at the top of our mountain a taxi cab pulled up behind us
so i bent over to talk to the driver to enquire if he was going to the farm too...
then he pointed to the back seat, and asked "do you know these people?"
ah! there was the beautiful marte and her lovely mum!!! what a brilliant surprise indeed.
i love that we were surprised by our norwegian friends in the lake district.
best. surprise. ever.
we had dinner in the little town of keswick and made plans for the following day: hill top farm.

we made the winding thirty-minute drive to see beatrix potter's farm. charming little place for sure.
while we were waiting for our entry time to the farm we stopped next door
to have cream tea. i love cream tea, and have decided to add it to my daily routine.
but i'll miss that english clotted cream. nothing compares. especially to that cornish clotted cream. mmm.

had such a good time talking with marte about her new design and life endeavors,
and was so appreciative of knitting and life advice from her sweet mum.

we spent the remainder of our day at this poet's house...more on that later.


Dianne said...

I can feel this place, although I didn't get there. The Peak district gave me the idea and how surprising it is to fall in love with a place, the people you've never met, the sheep, the flowers, the clouds and rainy days. I am enjoying these pictures.

Anita said...

How lovely and wonderful! It's a perfect dream!

onesilentwinter said...

ann marie what a dream of a place and to be able to share it with friends and family. gorgeous pics my kind of weather!

Cobalt Violet said...

Beautiful! Thanks for bringing back memories of a long ago trip. Wonderful post!

Ola said...

This place is like from novels-looks so peaceful!