hello ceej. goodbye oxford.


i can't believe it's already here. i have one more class tomorrow, and then my final tutorial.
eek. can't believe tomorrow is tomorrow! best part about tomorrow:
ceej gets here!!!!!! six looooooong, very, very long weeks since i saw him last.
i can barely do my reading for class tomorrow because i'm so distracted
by the thought of seeing ceej at the bus stop. be still my heart.

after class and my tutorial tomorrow ceej will join me for
our last "deep hall" night (this is where nerdy english lit people
read aloud their own poetry, short stories, or those that they admire
penned by the greats and other witty writers). what will i be reading?
well, i won't be. i'll be playing the guitar and singing: one song my own, another someone else's.

then ceej and i get to stay in this beautiful bed & breakfast.
wednesday we're off to the lake district to see what wordsworth and potter were so in love with
(i'm sure we'll be swooning too!)
saturday sister, her husband, and my mom (!) arrive to join us for the remainder or our travels:

so, farewell to oxford. it's been so incredible. how lucky i am.

i'll see you in a couple of weeks, back in the desert.


amy said...

Yup, you'll swoon alright! I loved the lake district and bath. London, of course, too. Haven't been to the others so I'm looking forward to your report! xo

Mizi Moo said...

I love the Old Parsonage!

Have a fabulous time!

shipbuilding said...

Once upon a time I lived in Grasmere. I still miss its charm and the gingerbread shop in the village. It's famous for a reason and certainly the best gingerbread I've ever tasted...just in case you feel like a snack while you're there : )

the wild magnolia said...

It has been great fun for me, albeit from a distance.

Have a safe trip home.

Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

I have been so inspired by all of your 'school posts'! I have always loved school, well university to be specific I wasn't a big fan of high school. I was so inspired that I've enrolled in a few classes and I am looking for post-graduate programs to enter. Thanks!!

Ann Marie said...

I'm so excited for you to go back to school!!! School truly is the best thing in the world. You're going to love it!

Hannah Joy said...

Thank you so so much for sharing!! Oxford is the home of my heart and it has been so wonderful to vicariously visit through your eyes this summer!

Cobalt Violet said...

Love the Lake District! Go to Beatrix Potter's house! :)
Have a wonderful time!!

Anna said...

Wow that building looks straight out of Wuthering Heights! Have an amaaaazing time with your guy!

Mercedes said...

ann i have loved following along on your adventures in scotland.


can i also say that i'm excited for you to come home!?! i miss you!

much love.

Mercedes said...

um...i dunno why i put scotland. i meant oxford. i was having a blond moment. oy.

christina said...

it's just so beautiful- all that you have shared.

jane said...

enjoy! this shot is magical!