st ives {part three}


this last day in st ives was magically mysterious with the 
emerald green water and the misty fog that ate up fishing boats.
i loved that one lonely sea lion swam up to our boat,
looking at us and studying us. those eyes were deep.
i loved the old man with his wool sweater and cap that sold me
my ticket to explore the sea on the "seahorse."
i loved the old man that sat on a bench at looked at his little town,
thinking about how much this place has changed since he was young.
i am missing the sea, the fog, and that sea lion today.
am trying to make today and this weekend in the library just as magical.


Julie said...

So many cute old men!

the wild magnolia said...

I am transported to St. Ive's via your photos. I am moved to love this place I visit through your camera lenses.

Wishing you many memorable times on your trip. Academically and spiritually.

Thank you, for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Really enjoyed all of your photos and this area of England looks lovely. What a wonderful opportunity you are having, one that i know will always be an integral part of the "Quilt pieces" making up the fabric of who you are. How long are you going to be at Oxford? Keep the great pictures coming. Jeanne/

Netti said...

I love old people so very much. That picture of the old man sitting on the bench is so perfect!! Also, the picture right below that, of the yellowish orangeish boat belongs on a canvas and that Sea Lion is so great!!

ilwen said...

Such lovely and romantic photos. I love the sea so much, can't wait to breathe the sea air and hear the waves again in only a week. It will be the Baltic Sea at the Danish coast in my case though :)

Elizabeth said...

Wise old seal, that one, and to have one so close might feel a bit of magic is afoot. Your quote from Woodruff is stunning and I shall have to write it down and is your "walk slowly and bow often" now I haven't started about your pictures. When I opened your blog I felt a breath of fresh air and lightness, really beautiful. You seem like one who is really finding a way to live your dreams right now. May you continue to do so with such lights and generosity as to share it with us here. x E

A Bushel and a Peck said...

What wonderfully atmospheric photographs. I particularly love the way you have captured the changing moods that come with the varying weather. Beautiful. Xx

Howie said...

My favorite set. The water always gets me. Beautiful moods

Akvilina said...

So much magic in sea coast towns! Photos are wonderful!

t. said...

Beautiful! I can't believe how gorgeous a little town like that can be.


P.S. I'm posting some photos of yours on my blog,, and will of course link back to you. :-D

Lollipop said...


Svenja said...

Wow, this GREEN sea - AMAZING! I grew up at the sea side, but never seen THIS!!

My fav. picture is the one with the old man on the bench. Just love it !!

Happy regards,