ode to capitol reef national park {part one} : so happy about the mild summer weather so far


well, dear readers, it was my lucky weekend:
cool weather, lots of pretty storm clouds, though there
was no lightning to be seen (which was probably for the best
since we were up on high places to take in the vastness of this red rock desert).

obviously we took a plethora of photos (lots of film that i just dropped off at the lab!).'ll be seeing red rock photos for a good portion of the week.
perfect way to bring in the summer season (the less heat the better!)

AND there will be a handful of posts here by other bloggers that i've
asked to share with us some of their inspiration this will die with swooning breaths
when you see what they've put together for us.

happy monday!

{images: a mix of mine and ceej's}


Sy said...

stunning pictures, just watched 127 hours yesterday. Changed the way I see canyons!

Kristina said...

beautiful pictures - I am so looking forward to see many more to come! cannot believe this beauty of the landscape!

Ann Marie said...

Oh man! I am kinda avoiding 127 hours...I'd be so scared to go any where ever again :) Hope you'd still be willing to come exploring one day...I guess the main point of the story is: don't go out there alone!

A Little Happier said...

How amazing pictures you've made! This was probably an exceptional walk

Cassie said...

Funny because I thought of your lovely blog when I watched 127 hours as well. As long as SOMEONE knows where you are, and yes, better yet, do not go alone.

But also in that story was his love for that red rock wilderness and that's what made me think of your space here.

It truly is a gorgeous part of nature! Love the photos.

Caroline said...


Krista said...

Your photos and journeys are inspiring, thank-you for sharing them. :)

Angy is my name. said...

Awesome with a capital A!!

stephanie claire said...

bring on the red rocks!

i want to go on a photo adventure with you guys!

happy summer.

Becca said...


looks like you guys had a great time.