best parenting book i've ever found...not that i'm a parent nor plan on being one anytime soon


i found this makes-me-think-that-parenthood-might-be-survivable book
while browsing the "science & nature" section at my local bookstore.
glee is exactly what entered my little outside-loving heart as i flipped through pages
that told me how to listen to the heartbeat of a tree, find hibernating butterflies,
have a snail race, and on and on and on. pure joy. i bought the book.
i took it home. and then it hit me:
this is the best parenting book i've ever read {it's the only "parenting" book i've ever read}.
this is what will give me sanity as a parent: it will get us all outside, my favorite place to be.
and we'll all get to be curious and we'll get to have lots of fun, simple projects,
and i won't feel so isolated {one of my biggest fears of motherhood}, right?
yes, this book will get us all outside day after day...throughout all seasons...

at least, that's my idealistic dream right now.
if you are a parent and are smirking at my little dream right now,
please don't burst my bubble. i'd rather experience it when that time comes.

by the way, there's a killer website for the book that you could check out right this minute.


Cassie said...

It's a wonderful treasure to raise chidren who love to be outdoors. I wouldn't raise mine any other way!

Nicole said...

The beauty of being the parent is that you can choose to raise your kids how you want. I have heard that in Sweden there are preschools that don't even have buildings - it is all outside! My kind of place.

jmw said...

uh-oh, this is where is starts... you find *one* thing you can swallow about parenthood, and next thing you know... :)

btw we had quite the summer of snail races one year as a kid, it was good fun, and the snails didn't mind either.

Dianne said...

Was the bookstore King's English?

Ann Marie said...

indeed it was the King's English.

Anonymous said...

i just got this book from the library after your recommendation and i absolutely LOVE it. i am definitely going to purchase a copy for my brother when he has his child. my fondest memories of a child were when we went to my grandma's farm, who didn't have a tv, and played outside, pulling apart abandoned car parts, catching frogs by the pond, making tree forts. it's so important for young minds and spirits. so thank you!!

Ann Marie said...

Yay! So glad you like it and are sharing its goodness!