a baby graflex for my uk travels!


tomorrow. i leave tomorrow! lots of mixed feelings of course.
but overall, e.x.c.i.t.e.d. beyond the dreamiest of dreams.
school is going to be fantastic. can't wait to meet up with classmates from last summer,
and then to meet a whole new slew of awesome people.

a friend of ours let me borrow this little twin lens reflex camera. woohoo!
should be a fun little toy to have as i travel (hopefully) on the weekends.

am thinking i need to find a way to obtain one of these tents
to properly experience the england i hope to see.
we'll see if that happens...i wonder how much they are to ship?

am signing off for the next few days...
when i see you next, it will be from the beautiful city of oxford.
(still pinching myself that i'll be going to school here!)


Kaylan said...

can't wait to see photos from your trip!

Ana Degenaar said...

How precious! Have a great time!

GailO said...

Safe travels! and Enjoy!

Rhianne said...

thats a beautiful camera.

you will love oxford, I haven't been in years but I really enjoyed it there when I visited. let me know if you plan on visiting the north of England in your travels :)

ALFIE said...

this camera is the epitome of lovely.

Tiffany Kadani said...

I am so excited for you! Has it been a year already? I am definitely going to try to make a trip over to Oxford. I cannot go to London and not!

Lisa said...

You are going to have an amazing time!! Good luck, travel safe, and soak in every second! :)

the wild magnolia said...

I am on pins and needles! I know we will have fun! : )

I'll have to check out this camera online.

Thank you, for sharing!

Caroline said...

Enjoy your travels!! XO!

Anita said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip! Can't wait to see what all you get up to!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip.
Perhaps, I should let you know that your blog makes me smile. I wish to be as lovely as you someday.