what we're bringing to the wedding :


ceej and i get to be photographers at our friend's wedding today.
should be lots of fun. we haven't done a wedding in years...
in fact, i think the last wedding we shot was purely shot on film,
not because we were trying to make a statement, but because
we didn't own any digital cameras at the time.

this time around we're having a lovely mix of film and digital.
yesterday i shot the bridal photos which turned out beautiful
{just wait until you see her wonderfully designed and made},
but this new b&w polaroid film has been, let's say, difficult.
i was quite excited to try out the impossible project's efforts...
but was quickly disappointed when the first couple of images i snapped
didn't develop very well. the first was totally washed out...the second image
looks ghostly {not in a good can barely see anything!}
anyone else tried this new b&w polaroid film? any success? did i just
get a bad batch? do i not know the new in's and out's of this stuff?

anyway...the rest of the wedding photos should be fun.
can't wait to show you!


Netti said...

Oh how fun!! I can't wait to see the photos!!

Shooting a wedding is a huge dream of mine!!

Holyoke Home said...

Oooh! Can't wait to see!

janis said...

what a great set of cameras! can't wait to see the results!

the wild magnolia said...

Can hardly wait for you to share some of the wedding photos. Sounds like fun. I'm sure your friends are thrilled you are taking the pictures.

A Little Happier said...

wahou they look great!

Carol said...

I've used the new UV+ film a couple of times ~ it's quite a challenge yes. I will link back to my flick page if I can so you can see my recent results.

I've only shot with it indoors so far. I attached my polaroid camera to a tripod, focus my image and then move to the side so I can hit the button and place a dark piece of card of the ejection slot. Grab it quick (while keeping it covered) and place it somewhere dark and warmish while it develops.

Hope that you have more successful results!


Unknown said...

I just purchased that new ilford polaroid film as well - can't wait to see your pics from that.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the tip! We tried it with a few shots at the wedding and it worked! Thank you!

Carol said...

Ann Marie ~ you're welcome :-) Cannot wait to see the results!