our red rock wilderness {part two}: i'm not sure what i want to say...and maybe this is my life's struggle


"our kinship with Earth must be maintained;
otherwise, we will find ourselves trapped
in the center of our own
paved-over souls
with no way out."

-terry tempest williams

have you ever seen red rock glow with the thickness of sunset?
or have you ever witnessed snow in the desert?
i've never know such a varied landscape.

i'll tell you why i love the desert:
because it's honest.
it hides nothing. it bears all.
this can be quite frightening at times. terrible.
but the most wonder-full thing i've ever experienced.
what would it be like to reveal everything to ourselves about ourselves?
do we even know what lies deep within us?
in the desert, i let my guard down, and i too can be honest. bear all.
and best of all, i can say it all in the desert without any words.
it's magic. truly. magic of the best kind.

this week is a big week for wilderness.
an activist is on trial for bidding on wilderness lands to
save them from oil/coal/choose-your-poison corporations.
i admire his courage. i admire those who showed up for protests.
i stayed away from it all. feeling desperately that what i wanted
to say is un-sayable. how can you protest in silence?
how do you show someone your soul?
i'm not a shouter. i'm not a speaker. i'm not a protester.
but i am human, and i feel deeply.
these lands truly are our lands, and i do indeed feel that in my heart.

today i am learning to be honest in my silence...which is how i say it all.

if you're ever in utah we'll go together to experience the most stark honesty you've ever witnessed.


Hannah said...

Hello, these mountains are stunning. I can't imagine how breathtaking it must be to be surrounded by them. Thankyou for sharing such incredible beauty.

the wild magnolia said...

Spectacular photos and comments. I can feel the honesty of the desert and understand how that is possible. The desert does not suffer fools and richly rewards the passionate observer.

You share your thoughts and silences and give me pause about myself and our world.

Thank you.

jackiek said...

these pictures are absolutely stunning! I can't imagine what they would look like in person!

beth said...

i promise to look you up if we ever visit your beautiful state.....

Anonymous said...

I lived in Provo for two and a half years and the beauty that surrounds it truly is breathtaking. Thank you so much for reminding me of that beauty. And thanks for putting into words how I feel about activism. It's a difficult subject to express feelings about.

Carol said...

Beautiful photographs and words :-)

kat evans said...

There is such beauty in your words,
a reflection of the beauty you show
us here with these images. I've been
in that same desert, amongst the
hogans and buttes. There is a kind
of peace being out there when the
only sound, if any, that you hear is
of the wind brushing your hair across
your face. It is beautiful. Thank you
for posting this. It reminds me that
a visit has been way overdue.

Greg Russell said...

Another really beautiful post; your images and words are really special...I hope they get read by many many people.


jmw said...

your photos say much!!

Shokoofeh said...

This isn't really easy to tell how much I love your words. Pure and beautiful.

Inge said...

I would love to go there with you.

Silence can be powerful, too. I could definitely use some silence right now.

CJ said...

I like the top photo and the moss rock SO MUCH. And the words are still reverberating in my soul. Thanks for writing and sharing.

Desi McKinnon said...

i know i'm late to the game, but that was beautiful. i completely relate to the desire to express stillness.

i love nature. i lived in utah for years. i grew up in the california wilderness. i live in the city now and i miss it desperately. i get glimpses of it every now and again in the moment, but not the overwhelming way you feel, hear, taste, smell, see it when your surrounded.

thank you.