giving and reading books


there have been many trips to my little neighborhood bookstore
and many packages arriving at my doorstep as i've been
gathering in such wonderful books to give away and
to keep for myself.

i'm quite proud of little nieces and nephews who have a love
for reading...far beyond their age-level. yes, i am a proud auntie indeed.

then there's my stack of books...that's not even the half of what
i'll be reading to prepare for my semester at oxford this summer.
i'm quite eager about reading every page and learning
all that i can about royal dynasties and influential poets.

what are you reading?


Katarina said...

That's quite an impressive pile you have there! :)
At the mo I'm reading about 5 books (a bad, bad habit of mine).
Sixty Lights, by G.Jones;
Secret Scripture, by S.Barry,
Children's Book, by A.S.Byatt
Treasures of Botanical Art, published by Kew Gardens (a gem!)

Jen said...

Beautiful, beautiful blog you have here :D I love giving (and receiving) books too! It's nice to think that you're giving something that will stay with someone for a lifetime.
I'm reading (as always) several books at once:

Fall to Grace - Jay Bakker
Lockdown - Alexander Gordon Smith
Moby Dick - Herman Melville
Random English text books...

Have a wonderful week,

Dee said...

Yay books! You've given me the best book recommendations. I love to know what others are reading and share what I'm reading! Right now it's: Mutant Message From Down Under (amazing!), and then Angle of Repose (my first Wallace Steigner(?)).

the wild magnolia said...

Reading is such a good friend. Books can be with us always, when others may take their leave.

Too be sure, a proud Auntie, for those who love to read.

Great reading choices.

Oxford, oh my, how exciting!

Happy day!

Caroline said...

Books are one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive :)!! I love your wrapping ... simple and sweet! xo

Unknown said...

I am finishing up Les Miserables... going to see the show on Saturday.

ali said...

I am a book giver as well, I guess that is what happens when you are a book lover.

I am studying English Literature and I love it. I am taking a Later Romantics class, and we are studying the works of Byron, Keats, Shelley, and some of the female poets. It is amazing, poetry is so beautiful and how every poet intersects with one another's work and how they build off of each other. I hope you really enjoy your summer classes.

What am I reading, well besides school work, I just started John Connolly's The Book of Lost Things. I've heard really good things about this book and so far it seems magical.

Char said...

that is quite the haul! i give books or gift cards to book stores every occasion. the nieces and nephews laugh now.

A Little Happier said...

Do you have any advice ?
I'm currently reading some things about yoga :)
Have a nice reading week end

samantha ramage said...

i heart books so, so much. these pictures make my toes curl!

let's be friends on goodreads!