happy halloween weekend!!!


a few nights ago, ceej very appropriately noticed that we had not yet
carved ourselves a jack-o-lantern for the coming weekend...
so we promptly visited our little local market,
picked out the perfect round pumpkin,
along with a handful of caramels for munching on.
as we carved away we entertained ourselves with a little
magic of the harry potter type.
{well, truth be told, cj did most of the work...i cheered and directed}.

so now that we have our jack-o-lantern,
let the festivities begin!!!

we start our weekend with a little visit up to apple hill,
followed by visiting our dear friend's new yoga studio,
followed by a dinner that hopefully involves butternut squash
and apple cider.
dressing up?
alas, nowhere for us to go on this hallow'd eve.
i might put on my little-red-riding-hood cape just for the heck of it.
and just to make myself feel better,
we'll read poe by candlelight.


Claire Kiefer said...

Poe by candlelight sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween. I am not going anywhere either, as it's too exciting a weekend for sports! On Sunday night the Saints are playing the Steelers, AND it's game 4 of the World Series (which my city is in)--how could I do anything else?!

Ciara Brehony said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

sounds like a fun, fun packed weekend and gotta say love the cool fun shots of you and yours getting down and creative with the orange veg...

janis said...

what lovely photos! you have such a pretty little blog. what a nice find! (i especially like your little side buttons!)

also, i have been just obsessed with cooking with butternut squash lately. i just love that flavour so much.

Anna Emilia said...

Lovely to see your smiling one, as here it is not that festive. Candles are lit in the graveyard, but there it stays. Oh, but maybe I saw a few cat tails and ears popping up on Saturday night among friends.

Smiles back to your lantern and you, hopefully it was warm in your candlelight.

Mei-li said...

aaa it's so great to do that !!!

Jaime said...

poe by doesn't get any more perfect than that.