birthday money well-spent : how to give back to friends who are oh so creative


i know how hard it can be sometimes to choose
out gifts for people...which often results in cash gifts.
i received a few such gifts a couple weeks ago for my birthday...
and i knew exactly what to do with that richness:
purchase beautiful jewelry made my creative friends.

i bought this necklace from marie at le voyage creatif {her etsy store here}.
i have worn this necklace just about every day since it
arrived so prettily in my mailbox...
i admit that i have another one on the way, all the way from norway
{you really should see marie's posts about her home...i sure wish i was brought up in norway!}

anyway, i like supporting friends who make such wonderful things.
don't you?


Nell said...

Absolutely. It's the best way to shop! Beautiful necklace, what a lovely way to spend your birthday money! xx

onesilentwinter said...

beautiful ann marie, love how it looks and the styling of these shots!

Caroline said...

It is beautiful!! All of my jewelry comes from creative friends. I love when the pieces I am wearing evoke a feeling and I can tell a story. It makes me so happy! Enjoy your weekend! xo

Gilding Lilies said...

It's so beautiful in it's simplicity.

Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful! I'll have to check out that Etsy shop.

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Sweet, sweet Ann! Thank you for the lovely feature. You look absolutely darling, as I knew you would;) My necklaces are lucky to be hanging around you beautiful neck.
I feel so happy and lucky that you like it!
PS:The other necklace should be just around the corner:)

Erin Wallace said...

This is all so lovely! You have a beautiful blog; I'm happy that I found it! Am your newest follower.

xo Erin

Jane Flanagan said...


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Wonderful necklace, and I love all your photographs, you have a really lovely blog.

I love your Title and drawing on your Blog-Header!

jen said...

Norway is spectacular! There are so many breathtaking views around every corner. It seemed so magical with all the rainbows, waterfall, and troll statues. You and Ceej should plan a trip to Norway. I know you would love it. What I really meant to say, before my pro-Norway dialogue, is that your necklace is absolutely great!