featured : antique pages


very excited to be featured today on
the drifter and the gypsy.
micaela posted some of the photos
from my post a while back
about the agony and then resurrection
of an antique book i tore apart
to wallpaper one of my walls in my lil' apartment.
thank you, micaela!

and for those of you who are new(er) to my blog,
what do you think about tearing up an antique book
to display its pages on the wall for all to see?


Katarina said...

I love the idea, and it would look great on my walls. BUT it would probably kill my dad, as he used to make us wash our hands before we touched any book :D

Anonymous said...

Yay! So happy you enjoyed the feature :)

Hannah said...

As I am new to your blog and had not already seen the post about you taking apart an antique book to use as wallpaper, I am happy to comment!
I see books as works of art, especially old ones. I love them. For my wedding, I found an antique copy of Pride & Prejudice and tore out every page, folded it in half and wrapped it around the napkin of all 150 guests at our reception, so I wholeheartedly agree with your use of the book! It's simply another way of appreciating its beauty : )

Kate Kelleher said...

I have done the same to a book in one of my rooms, so I have to agree, it looks great. I also regularly use old books in my art. When I bought for a boutique furniture shop here in London, I photocopied pages of a book and just glued the top part of the page and over lapped them to it hung like a ruffled petticoat down the wall. Looked good, I thought, and I like your wall too!

alexandria said...

It's really a clever way to use an old book.

Tonia said...

I would need three copies: 2 to make sure none of the text was missed out, and a third for holding and reading! A great idea, beautifully executed as always!

jane dough said...

I am new to the blog. I work in a library - and I think the pictures are beautiful. If it will make beautiful art and find a new life, why not pull apart an antique book?

Char said...

so gorgeous

Unknown said...

honestly, i think its genius. the words are there, with you. you breathed life into them.

i love this.

seriously genius.