project film : the official launch


when i casually mentioned the other day that i was
embarking on a year-long project to shoot film only
i realized that i needed something more official.

and here it is.

this lovely little button will have its place at the top of my sidebar
throughout the next year for you, wonderful readers,
to quickly access all the images i have captured on
good ol' fashioned film
{my effort to be more deliberate in my take it to the next challenge myself}.

here are the rules i have set for myself:

01. every photo i take must be captured with film
whether it be 35mm, 120, 4x5, polaroid, or instax film.

02. i get one exception to the rule: "snapshots"
snapshots of food i cook, crafts i complete, and family gatherings...
basically the stuff that just needs a simple record that it happened.
i promise not to take advantage of this exception. solemnly.
98% of images will be film. 2% will be digital.


if you would like to join me in my project, for any amount of time
--whether it be one day, one month, or the entire year--
or if you just want to support me & others who take up the challenge
please feel free to place this button on your blog.

if you do indeed decide to join me at any time in this endeavor
please let me know...
i'd LOVE to see your images.


Claire Kiefer said...

Okay so your blog is SO PRETTY. glad you found mine so I could find yours!

Caitlin said...

I think I may just have to join in on the fun! Over the summer I shot a ton of pictures with an under water disposable camera. It was so much fun!

Tiffany Kadani said...

I'd love to take part! I have no camera skills but I love this project so much.

Little Paper Trees said...

stunning blog you have here - those camping photos from a few posts back brought back some great memories of my own! x

e.m. said...

your photos are completely inspiring. your blog is a daily read of mine. and i'm glad we share the same love for our beehive state!

i came up with a fantastic idea. when you move back, you should hold a photography class. it would be fantastic! i'm SURE you would have a fantastic turn out seeing as so many people you don't know have been so inspired by your work, myself included.

pretty please?

Ann Marie said...


you are so kind! i would love to offer a photo class once in utah...i'll start putting something together...thank you for a much needed little "push"


ann marie